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Eton On The Cheap

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peteneras Thu 31-Jan-13 11:54:25

Here's an alternative and cheaper way to access the services of the great School!

rabbitstew Sat 09-Feb-13 10:52:45

Where on earth, happygardening, do you get the opinion that I think Tony Little knows nothing at all??!!!!!!!! That's just a bizarre comment.

slipshodsibyl Sat 09-Feb-13 10:53:42

Tony Little has specifically stated in newspaper interviews that he would not presume to offer advice to schools on educating children living in areas of social deprivation and with attendant problems. He said it would be insulting and to those educators who do have that expertise and wrong as it is not what he and his staff can do well.

A child I know well who lives nowhere near Windsor contacted a staff member for advice on an area not covered in her school. She received help and support freely from an individual staff member and contact has continued two years later. I doubt Mr Little is even aware of this kindness. It is hard to talk of 'Eton's opinion' when it is a large community of staff, governors and students with a wide variety of opinons and attitudes among them isn't it?

slipshodsibyl Sat 09-Feb-13 10:54:59

insulting to those educator,s not insulting and to

moutier Sun 10-Mar-13 18:19:07

go look at Rookwood in Andover.Main line to Woking and the boarding is very good

difficultpickle Sun 10-Mar-13 20:52:59

Their planning application was roundly rejected by the local parish council, much to the founder's chagrin. Very funny ranty twitter posts from Simon Dudley, who is also the deputy leader of the town council and sits on the town planning committee.

peteneras Fri 21-Jun-13 17:56:56

Fear not!

Holyport College is alive and well and heading fast towards September 2014 opening:

?Headteacher appointed, construction starts and DfE funding secured?.

Good luck to all concerned. It's a positive step towards the right direction for the underprivileged.

MrsSalvoMontalbano Fri 21-Jun-13 18:00:14

Well done! Watching with interest

bico Fri 21-Jun-13 23:06:44

I doubt that there are many underprivileged children living in the catchment area of this school!

peteneras Sat 22-Jun-13 10:59:36

Yes, I know what you’re implying but Holyport College is also a boarding school. Therefore, proximity to the school is not a major criterion for admission purposes. Listen to what the school has to say officially:

“Along with all schools in the borough, we would expect to have a number of students who are eligible for the Pupil Premium. However, unlike other schools we have set a priority criterion in our admissions arrangements which states that up to 20% of day places will be allocated to children who are eligible. The final number may rise above this percentage if pupils eligible for the PP gain places through the other priority criteria”.

It is quite evident and very much stated in the school’s Admissions Policy that the underprivileged are especially catered for. [Page 2 - Ss 1, 2 and 5]

bico Sat 22-Jun-13 14:44:13

Only the underprivileged who want to go to boarding school and can afford it or are able to get one of three funded places.

As for the 20% on pupil premium there is no mention on how they are going to actually get to the school. There isn't any bus stop within walking distance.

peteneras Sat 22-Jun-13 15:31:52

So what do you want - to provide for each and every underprivileged child in the country to come to the school on a taxi with a guaranteed return fare and/or giving them free boarding if they want to board, just because life’s dealt them or their families a bad hand?

Next, you’ll be asking for the same free services and guarantee of a place at Oxbridge or a Russell Group university followed by a top job in government or in industry.

bico Sat 22-Jun-13 15:58:14

peteneras you were the one that highlighted the admissions section in response to my pointing out that the school is not situated in an underprivileged area so I'm not sure what point you're making.

If you are saying that it is pretty unrealistic to expect underprivileged pupils to be able to access this new school then I am in complete agreement with you.

peteneras Sat 22-Jun-13 18:06:10

The point I’m making is it is unrealistic to expect the school to cater for all situations. Remember this is a thread about (going to) Eton on the cheap -or almost as close to that as possible - that one would otherwise have to pay £33,000 basic annual fee for the real thing. At Holyport it is possible to get it all for nothing no matter where you live and the underprivileged have special priorities. That’s all I’m saying.

bico Sat 22-Jun-13 18:11:50

Then we are almost saying the same thing. Holyport College is not located in an underprivileged area so those children will either have to board or find their way to school. It is not walking distance of anywhere that has low cost housing and there are very few footpaths even if it were. Whilst the school maybe keen to offer access on paper it will be interesting to see how they facilitate it in practice.

The only people I know who are talking about sending their dcs their are those who live very close to the school and whose children attend preps. They see it as a free alternative to the private non-selective day schools in the area like LVS and CC.

peteneras Sat 22-Jun-13 18:23:06

But it is still better to have a school like Holyport no matter, and in spite of, where it is located than to have no (such) school at all. The 20% priority for the underprivileged no matter where they come from, is a good case in point.

bico Sat 22-Jun-13 18:38:10

I would put good money on the fact that they won't fill those spaces.

askeptical1 Sun 19-Jan-14 01:49:02

Why can they build it in my area?
All of our schools have been rated "unsatisfactory" by OFSTED in a blitz last month

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