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ddas Tue 29-Jan-13 03:35:08

Didn't get much of a response on the property thread so someone recommended I post here. Hopefully more Guildford mums on here!

After a bit of advice from someone more local. We're moving to Guildford and are in the process of house hunting and have found 2 possible houses- however not being from the area we are a bit lost re whether they are in okay areas and would greatly appreciate some insider knowledge!
We've found that although north Guildford is not as nice as some of Merrow etc we can afford more there unfortunately. Re schools we have a 1 month dd and 18 month ds so are likely to try for st Joseph's as we're catholic or if can afford it when the time arrives possibly go to the private sector. We will likely be moving house by time secondary schools are needed as this is likely to be a 5yr house and would hope to definitely be able to afford private education by then. We are unsure whether with st Joseph's it justs matter whether you are catholic or also how close to the school you are?
One house is 4 bed semi in harts gardens close to northmead primary/stoughton infant and the other a detached 3 bed on shepherds lane which I gather is in the rydes hill area which estate agents seem to talk about. Obviously the 4 bed semi is bigger downstairs & up which is a plus but the downside it is not detached plus a smaller garder so want to know if one is in a better area than the other or in an area we should avoid to help us with our decision.

Lifeisontheup Tue 29-Jan-13 05:32:12

I would go for Harts Gardens as it is a lot quieter traffic wise. Shepherds Lane is a cut through so very busy. Don't know much about the state schools but would imagine that being Catholic, St Josephs would be an option.

mummytime Tue 29-Jan-13 10:31:12

Being a Catholic then North Guildford is a good choice. St Joseph's is a good school, and you have St Peter's for secondary.

IvySquirrel Thu 31-Jan-13 21:23:04

If you are Catholic either location should be fine for St Joseph's, people go there from quite a wide area. Plus they are expanding as so popular and exploding birth rate in Guildford
Harts Gardens: quieter area, with green spaces very close, but further from St Joe's. Traffic can be manic in the mornings with drop-offs at Northmead/Stoughton.
Shepherds Lane: busy road all the time! But 5 mins walk to St Joe's.

Pretty much everyone from St Joe's goes on to St Peter's for secondary. TBH that put me off as I didn't want to effectively choose a secondary school 7 years in advance of going. They are both very good schools though.

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