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any advice on Reeds scholarship interviews?

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racingheart Mon 28-Jan-13 14:12:54

Ds has one tomorrow. We have no idea what to expect. I'm picturing some terrifying mental maths questions.
Would love to hear from parents of previous scholarship interviewees, just to know what form the interview takes.

Stellamazda12 Sun 10-Jul-16 08:55:42

Hi,I would like to enrol my son in a scholarship,I have no clue where to begin.
Can someone give me some information please?

LIZS Sun 10-Jul-16 09:03:51

You need to check on the school's admissions page on website or call admissions secretary (although may well be on summer holiday by now). Some schools assess all children for academic scholarships via the entrance tests, others require specific papers and interviews, for 13+ it may also involve meeting CAS or CE target scores. For cocurricular scholarships there will be additional assessment days and/or auditions.

Gruach Sun 10-Jul-16 12:32:47

Stella unless you're asking about this particular school it might be best to start a new thread. If you name the school (or type of school if naming would be too revealing) and say where you are in the application process there will almost certainly be people who can advise. (Assuming you have already read all the information the school makes available on its website.)

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