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Mutteroo Sun 27-Jan-13 16:33:05

ADD, Dyslexia?

DCs are dreamers (as is DH) with poor concentration. DD was an excellent reader but was unable to understand the text she was reading. DS had the reading age of a 7 year old in year 5 yet was able to gain level 5s in his SATs.

After a couple of hours with an Ed Psych (worth every penny even if its a huge expense) DD was diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder and the magic word dyslexia was confirmed. DS was a textbook dyslexic apparently. The Ed Psych listed what support DCs needed and was immensely helpful even after the assessment. DS was reassessed last term as he's moved to a state sixth form. The Ed Psych spent half the time with him compared to the one we had paid for five years ago. Maybe thats because it was a reassessment? I honestly dont know? The report was one and a half sides and much more basic. Didn't list any support but agreed DS still needed extra time in exams due to his processing delay.

I think my opinion is obvious. If you've concerns, get them addressed. If the Ed Psych just finds your DC is a daydreamer then it will at least reassure you. Our Ed Psych was recommended by DS school. DD's school recommended one which was £150 more expensive.

Laura0806 Sun 27-Jan-13 13:59:04

Has any suggested Attention Deficit Dsorder to you? Girls with ADD/ADHD can often present as daydreamers rather than the hyperactivity we tend to normally associate with ADHD. My daughter, only just 5, has, I suspect has some traits of ADD, if not ADD; she finds it very difficult to concentrate, fidgets and is often in her own world instead of listening to the teacher. An Educational psychologist may not be as helpful in this regard as your local CHild and Adolescent Mental helath service (CAMHS) (referral through the GP) who would assess for this. There may be a long wait though

Schmedz Sat 26-Jan-13 17:45:04

We are seeking possible EdPsych investigations due to an under performing 9 year old daughter. She daydreams constantly and has real trouble following instructions! Her teachers constantly comment that they believe her ability is above what she achieves in test results. I am wondering if there is some underlying problem which causes poor concentration and underperformance. When she focuses and is interested in the task she seems to do quite well.

Annastana Sat 26-Jan-13 15:39:17

My daughter is severely dyslexic and has had two EdPsych reports to support this diagnosis. Depending on the age of your child, you will need to get updated reports as s/he goes through the school system ie for GCSEs so that they can get the extra help and time they are entitled to, and the Disabled Student Allowance when and if they go to Uni. We felt it was money well spent because, provided you use a recognised EdPysch (and the school should recommend one), then it is the document that opens doors for extra help and is proof of your child's learning disabilities.

insanityscratching Sat 26-Jan-13 15:36:16

Ds was assessed by an independent ed psych in preparation for an SEN Tribunal. She was incredibly thorough, saw things and explained things that had never been noticed before. Her report means that his statement is water tight and ensures that the LEA can't remove him from the independent specialist school for cheaper and inferior provision. It cost about £1200 and we would have needed to pay more as well for her attendance at Tribunal but the LEA pulled out and didn't challenge any of her recommendations.

Missbopeep Sat 26-Jan-13 15:29:09

Why are you considering an assessment?

Your reasons for this- and your expectations- are important because sometimes an assesment is helpful ( as it was for us) but it may not be for you.

Are you concerned about a learning difficulty or just wanting to know your child's ability?

LIZS Sat 26-Jan-13 15:25:46

Depends what you are asking for an assessment of really. 1st visit/report was £750 , second £600 but HM commented it was one of the most thorough he'd come across not that the school then implemented the recommendations equally thoroughly. She also worked for LA.

Missbopeep Sat 26-Jan-13 15:21:38

Both mine were assessed for possible dyslexia. Was money well spent. We went through Dyslexia Action but there are plenty independent psychs around.

I know they are expensive but as a teacher who also assesses to an extent, I can see why their fees are as they are. The test materials cost £££s (one reading test I have cost £100). They spend 2-3 hrs with your child then at least that or more writing up the report- many I have seen can be 14 pages. And they have their premises to pay for and office equipment etc.

so- 6 - 7hrs @ £50 is pretty much what you are paying for- cheaper perhaps than a mechanic and a lot less than a solicitor!

roisin Sat 26-Jan-13 15:02:03

We had a day's consultation with an EP when ds1 was 7. (8 yrs ago).
It - the day, the feedback beforehand and the report/follow up afterwards - were a superb experience. Very beneficial and worthwhile; changed the way I do all sorts of things, led to som fascinating reading and research, and changed me as a person. There are still things we do today as a direct result of that consltation. Definitely worth every penny!
PM me if you want any more details.

Schmedz Sat 26-Jan-13 14:19:54

I am wondering what people's experience of EdPsychs has been? If your child has been assessed, has it been good value for money (they are so expensive!)? Do you feel that any recommendations have been followed up at school? What was the testing and how was it different to the usual PIPs and CATs etc...done in the school environment?
If you are happy with your experience and the information gained, could you recommend your EdPsych? We are based in SW London.
Thanks for any info you can provide to help my confusion over this!

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