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Calling hmb

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tamum Wed 14-Jan-04 17:02:07

Hello! I just got a copy of Wellcome News today, and it has a series of articles about teaching science, Creative Science, new Science Learning Centres and the new GCSE. Let me know if you're interested, I'll gladly send it on to you.

hmb Wed 14-Jan-04 17:14:13

Ohh that would be great! I've got the most amazing 'top' set in double science, and they need stretching to the limit. They have just done an extended homework (a week) an GMOs and some ran to 5 A4 typed page essays. Anthing that I can do to push these kids on would be ace.....can you contact Tech, and I'd be forever in your debt.....Thnking about it set 2 could use it too.

tamum Wed 14-Jan-04 17:19:23

'tis done

Hope it will help.

hmb Wed 14-Jan-04 17:22:50

Many thanks.

Jimjams Wed 14-Jan-04 19:30:15

Have you ever been to the Wellcome centre/institute?? The school exhibit thing there is excellent. Went to a conference there on your sort of thing once as well tamum.

hmb Wed 14-Jan-04 19:54:14

I've visited, but it was years ago. It would be good to take the kids there, but visits that take longer than the school day are harder to organise...and I'm too junior to take on the organisation on my own as yet. London is a fair distance from us.

Lower key, but I am trying to get a trip to the local dairy to help cover the microbiology/biotec part of the single science GCSE.

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