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RGS Guildford entrance 2013

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BleakSpouse Wed 16-Jan-13 12:05:35

Anybody know if any rejection / second interview letters have yet been received?

MiaMaria1 Thu 30-Jan-14 17:06:27

yes please appreciate if anyone can hint me whether 11+ RGS rejection letters came out.. I know that final results should be avaialble in mid February, but can't wait..
many thanks

wishitweredone Tue 21-Jan-14 14:51:28

Handholding thread over on secondary.

mummybear35 Tue 21-Jan-14 12:39:32

Anyone else lurking on here to try and establish if the letters are out yet for the 2014 exams??

Nibs777 Wed 08-Jan-14 09:51:43

yep - I am another one who thought post didn't make any sense ....why revive an old thread to go off topic when the previous thread on RGS Guildford was not about exam papers......and yes, what past papers since they don't publish any???

MinesAGlassOfRed Tue 07-Jan-14 20:39:49

24C are you a troll?
RGS is emphatic that there are no past papers. If, like us, you know noone at the school, don't live nearby ( yet, but hoping to! ) and don't therefore have a clue at all about past exams as don't have siblings, haven't attended revision classes in converted shops o been to the 'right' prep schools then this sort of message only serves to demoralise us even more.
Alternatively do you mean the other RGS in Reigate?

twentyfourcarat Tue 07-Jan-14 16:00:56

The number of errors in the past paper questions is worrying.

Aboleyn Sun 17-Feb-13 22:17:19

Thanks surrey goldfish, sounds like reinforced knees needed in school trousers! Will definitely be early to second hand sale, thanks harrison1999purple. Please save all the smallest kit for us! Great to get all this info. Am glad racingheart is going for RGS too.

racingheart Sun 17-Feb-13 19:09:27

Had a long discussion with DS today. He prefers RGS by 0.000001% he said. And it is easier for us to get to. So I think that's the one we'll go for. I do lament losing out on the on site facilities at Hampton, but it feels like the right school.

Aboleyn, looks like we'll have boys in the same year! Perhaps we should organise a couple of summer meet ups for them all.

harrison1999purple Sun 17-Feb-13 17:42:01

Aboleyn .. And yes they do play football a lot at break even those boys who are not particularly sporty! And our year organise meet ups some weekends at Surrey Sports Park to let the whole year get together and play 5 a-side

harrison1999purple Sun 17-Feb-13 17:39:32

Aboleyn, yes there is a second hand uniform shop. I work there sometimes and it has had a radical overhaul in the past year or so, so it's good as we can get it
although its housed in what looks like a bunker! Agreed not much sports stuff but you can get lucky! Kitted out a new starter last year with blazer and full sports kit last year for £70! The problem is that new sports kit was introduced in late 2009 so it's just starting to trickle through now. On the day in June that the new boys meet their tutor we hold a second hand uniform sale pretty much all day. Get there early. Pm me if you want further info.
Further up the school there don't appear to be many more additional expenses than lower down ( but only can speak from year 4 perspective) , in fact, I'd say less expenses as the boys find what they like and sem to concentrate only on the trips they are really interested in.
Don't worry about the lateness of the train after training, they all seem to hang out together wherever they live and you won't believe how fast they grow in confidence in their own abilities!

surreygoldfish Sun 17-Feb-13 17:10:33

A - take down bulldog (think rugby and bull dog) seems to feature as much as football at break! Ds1 stays at least 2 days after school - training mainly on the AWT, sometimes gets the train sometimes gets picked up depending on timing and how much carrying. They get bussed to BB but for sat matches you need to take and collect for home games. Away games generally meet and brought back to school - so can make their own way home if needed - a lot of teams has been tricky to keep up with outside of activities that also run on a sat am. Sport seems to be there if you want it but not too serious if you don't - and easy to find something at the right level. It's not a school that defines itself by sporting prowess. I get the impression that more activities are added in third form....Did try the 2nd hand uniform for sports kit last year but didn't have much luck - hope it will fit for 2 years at least. Sports kit more expensive than uniform! Some additional costs can't be avoided eg some trips (first years do a settling in w/e away early in the first term) but a lot of trips optional.....not sure ow much this will change as they go up the school....
RacingH - does your son have a first choice? Given the similarities could he choose?

Aboleyn Sun 17-Feb-13 16:25:38

It's a shame that RGS doesn't do football, but presumably it features heavily at break time anyway? Harrison1999purple - thanks for info on new joiners day, that is useful. Is there a good second hand uniform shop too? Now decision of which school is sorted, the idea of how we are going to pay for it is weighing heavily! Do you find that RGS adds lots of items to the bill each term? That's worth considering in your choice racingheart? Surrey goldfish, good point too, we are on good train line into Guildford but can see I will be driving down there a lot - does your ds do much after school so you have to pick up? The idea of them getting the train home in the dark at 6 isn't great when they are still so little. Do they get any transport back to the school after training or matches at bradstone brook? So useful to find out this info, thanks v much for sharing.

surreygoldfish Sun 17-Feb-13 15:21:33

Agree Harrison1999purple - we ruled out Hampton for that very reason and primarily as DC wouldn't have been able to get there under their own steam from where we live. School coach is fine - but there are activities after school (eg some of the orchestras) and then pick up would be required. Maybe ok if you only have one DC and don't work but not very practical otherwise. We were tempted by Hampton as DS2 very sporty and Hampton also play both football and rugby. Felt much bigger than RGS though. We have found that there is plenty of sport on offer at RGS and is very open to all, so apart from the lack of football don't have too many concerns on that front. They all seem to get used to doing lot of stuff off site really quickly. Even though RGS is better location for us, already wishing we lived in Guildford - DC1 not bothered, I think the train is part of his social life!

Not overwhelmed at the thought of the building work so hoping it will be well managed.....

harrison1999purple Sun 17-Feb-13 14:44:11

Racingheart, there is an open day at the school on Wednesday Feb 27 to view the plans for the improvements and field questions, if you have concerns. I guess all schools have to improve their facilities ... I think Hampton are currently doing some work on their sports area. I note that they anticipate work starting perhaps late next year so your DS should benefit! I'm hoping mine do and one is into 4th year!!
There is a day in June when the new boys ( both 11 and 13) meet up and get a tour of the school and meet their Tutor. It's also a good opportunity to meet the other parents in your class. They will give you an information pack including names and contact details of the year so you can perhaps meet up with others in your class over the summer. I found that very useful.
You mention the facilities at Hampton being superior. That is true if you are only looking at the 'campus' but have you had a look at Bradstone Brook yet? I agree its not on site but there is plentiful parking for match days and an excellent Club House.
Overall I think the two school are relatively similar, but remember you have to go to matches/drama productions/music concerts /pa events and, most important, parents evening so it needs to be a good location for you too....

racingheart Sat 16-Feb-13 16:05:47

Aboleyn, I saw that too. Will our DC be subjected to years and years of drills and cement dust for other boys to benefit from? That really puts me off tbh. I want to know more about how they will manage the building programme to make sure it doesn't disrupt the boys during lessons.

We all loved the feel of RGS. Felt more at home there than at Hampton, not sure why. But then when we look at Hampton, it has so much going for it. The facilities are miles better than at RGS.

Hampton does have an open day for boys with offers. RGS didn't mention one, but I might ask for a tour during the day.

Aboleyn Sat 16-Feb-13 14:51:45

What does your ds prefer, I think that is so important. Ours only really liked RGS of all the schools he saw. i had a really strong feeling that it would suit him the best, and husband liked it best too. So no decision to make here, thank goodness. One of the reasons we choose it initially was for sport actually - he loves hockey and lots of schools (inc hampton) do not do boys hockey.
At least you have a couple of weeks to make your decision! May be worth revisiting both schools again with ds. RGS letter did not mention that possibility but other school we got offered gave opportunity for a revisit - bet Hampton does too? One thing to note about RGS which I discovered is that they are just launching a big long term rebuilding programme. It's on the school website. Will be amazing when finished - but kids our age will be long gone by then.

racingheart Sat 16-Feb-13 11:26:18

Hmm. RGS better location for us too.
Loved the feel of RGS and the art department made me weak, it was so strong.
But Hampton's facilities are far better. Such great drama, and they row. Have a hunch DS will be a rower, no chance of that at RGS. Hampton is a sportier school.
But RGS has a gentle scholarly feel to it that would suit DS down to the ground. He is not the sportiest of boys anyway.

Thanks for the link, Filly. Can't decide whether to revamp the old thread or start a new one...

FillyPutty Fri 15-Feb-13 22:14:24

Previous Hampton vs. RGS thread

We felt the range of sports (climbing, choice of rugby or football) better at Hampton, and definitely better for SEN. Location of RGS better for us though. Others will have different priorities.

surreygoldfish Fri 15-Feb-13 19:35:53

FP - sending out the 'no try again' letters with the yes ones seems really off - although I thought that's how it worked. We really liked Hampton, just not so practical so ruled it out. He must have done really well at Hampton as I've seen on these threads that vast numbers sat the exam - well done you and your DS.

Re tutoring and 11 or 13+ - have done both. I don't like the lack of certainty with 13 - slight panic over the thought of 2 years towards CE - but it feels the right thing for DS2. It's the more normal route from DC prep school. For the exam we only did Bond books - mainly English, comprehension and VR. No tutor - all DIY, - DS never really got all the comprehension texts but seemed to be happy with the exam set on the day! Glad it's over and can enjoy half term.

Aboleyn Fri 15-Feb-13 18:57:08

Hurray racing heart! No decision to make here, we are definitely going for RGS. My next thread will be trying to find boys on our train line that he can travel with, come September! Ps I think Hampton is great too. Did not go for that one as wrong location for us.

racingheart Fri 15-Feb-13 18:52:37

Hi - yes letters here too!

Interesting you thought that about the letters too Aboleyn.

The Hampton letter was a lot more friendly than RGS. But DH said I must NOT use that as part of the decision making process. Probably right!

So do we start a thread on how to choose?

FillyPutty -maybe RGS didn't send out because he was on their shortlist. There must be a horrible cut off point for them where they have to let a few go who they'd like to offer to. But far more important: great news about Hampton. It's a great school, and if it was your DS's preferred school there'd be no contest anyway. (Maybe he told RGS that at interview!)

Aboleyn Fri 15-Feb-13 18:33:26

Fillyputty, sorry to hear your news. We got our 11+ offer letter today, and even that was very brief and to the point, ESP considering how long we have waited for it - we got a much nicer offer letter from another school in the same post!

Fayerfield, that's great news! Are you 13+?

Fingers crossed for everyone else!

FillyPutty Fri 15-Feb-13 18:20:11

Actually feel the RGS letter is a trifle rude, we sent them a 30-page EP report, and their reply reads:

"bearing in mind his performance in our entrance, examination, the impression he made at interview and the report we received from the head of his present school."

Obviously a standard letter, since no mention of the carefully written EP report, so you wonder why they didn't send out 3 weeks ago?

FillyPutty Fri 15-Feb-13 16:29:02

We got a No from RGS today (for 13+). They have said he can try again for 12+ however.

Quite annoying that they sent the letter so late TBH, but my DS is very excited, because he passed for Hampton, which he prefers anyway.

Amber2 Fri 15-Feb-13 15:29:43


Any advice with hindsight to someone with a DS who will take the pretest in Jan 14? (and am i completey mad to opt for DIY rather than any tutoring)?

Did you have any doubts at all about opting for 13+ entry vs 11+ entry?

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