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RGS Guildford entrance 2013

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BleakSpouse Wed 16-Jan-13 12:05:35

Anybody know if any rejection / second interview letters have yet been received?

racingheart Mon 28-Jan-13 14:33:13

Mangeshi, yes. No news is good news. They send out scholarship interview letters first, but few of us were expecting those. Next they send out second interview letters to boys who were borderline in the exams. Then they send out rejection letters. Finally they send out offers to boys who comfortably passed the exams.
So the longer you hear nothing, the more likely your DS is to have secured a place. Not guaranteed, but we are getting tentatively hopeful.

Mangeshi Mon 28-Jan-13 14:58:50

Thanks racingheart, that made me hopeful too.

Aboleyn Mon 28-Jan-13 16:35:33

Nothing here either - hurray!

surreygoldfish Mon 28-Jan-13 18:58:34

Fingers crossed for you all. For anyone waiting for a 13+ offer one post on the 11+ forum says the 'try again at 12+' letters go out mid February rather than with the 'no' letters. Beginning to wish we'd gone for 11+ entry ! The waiting is torture....

Amber2 Mon 28-Jan-13 19:19:03


Out of curiosity why did you decide to go for deferred entry? I will be going for deferred entry for DS next year because I think the CE will be good practice for GCSE and because I don't want DS to do the train alone at 11, and because he will probably like being in the senior years at prep school where most leave at 13. But just wondered if you went through similar thought processes. Only downside is, perhaps RGS won scholarship at 11 may be easier to get than at 13+ because it tests in fewer subjects that RGS scholarship papers at 13+

surreygoldfish Mon 28-Jan-13 19:41:08


The 11 or 13 debate seems a tricky one generally. We could have gone either way but Ds2 very happy at prep school and we thought the extra 2 years there would be good for him. The style of CE will probably also suit him. Lots of them get the train from 11 (ds1 already there) and it really helps their growing sense of independence, so I wouldn't worry about that aspect. I don't like the lack of certainty with 13 entrance though - even if it's an offer it's conditional on CE, now at 70%. Aargh......

Jiddle Mon 28-Jan-13 20:22:38

I am feeling fit to burst with the desire to know whether it's a "yes" or "no" for DS. Another whole 10 days!

Amber2 Mon 28-Jan-13 22:16:13

surrey goldfish..

70% blimey ...I thought it was 65%...seems like they really are trying to incentivise you to come at 11...I mean a reasoning test, an English test and a maths test at 11 compared to CE in all subjects at 70%.... I also am leaning to deferral for the same reasons as you ,,,but it does make me think about it

Amber2 Mon 28-Jan-13 22:18:28

or is the 70% an average across CE?

Amber2 Mon 28-Jan-13 22:20:43

Does anyone know what RGS scholarship papers like at 13+....much harder than common entrance scholarship papers ?

surreygoldfish Mon 28-Jan-13 22:24:13

Amber 2 - yes it's an average of 70% (was 65% but they seem to have upped it this year to 75%!)...still seems quite a steep additional hurdle.

surreygoldfish Mon 28-Jan-13 22:26:22

Sorry should have read 70% not 75%

Amber2 Mon 28-Jan-13 22:37:07

agree...I said before it was an additional hurdle but someone else disagreed...but at least it's an average you have to pay a hefty deposit when they offer you a conditional place ? I mean I may end up paying two hefty deposits then if I want to hold an insurance offer ....

Mangeshi Tue 29-Jan-13 10:49:25

what is the intake at RGS at 11+ entry?

Fayerfield Tue 29-Jan-13 11:07:06

Postman has been and I am happy No NO letter or bills this time smile Just my graze box to nibble on as fingernails have all gone!

racingheart Tue 29-Jan-13 13:11:11

Same here, Fayerfield. Fingers crossed.
It feels like such a long wait until mid Feb when the schools all tell us how the DC fared.

Jiddle Tue 29-Jan-13 16:39:17

Mangeshi they take 100 boys at 11+

trinity0097 Tue 29-Jan-13 18:53:33

The RGS scholarship papers are much harder than the CASE (common academic scholarship) ones. Think at least GCSE standard, if not higher in terms of intellect required (even if the Maths topics for example are only a bit harder than level 3 CE). There is always at least one question that I struggle with when marking them as a Head of Maths in a prep school, as does the head of science.

JoanByers Tue 29-Jan-13 19:15:44

Here are some 13+ scholarship papers:

Amber2 Tue 29-Jan-13 21:40:34

Thanks for posting those JoanByers, really useful. Not sure why RGS don't post past papers on the website like Eton does, then at least you get an idea of the level you realistically need to aim for. Yes, would agree with Trinity they are GCSE level.

Mangeshi Wed 30-Jan-13 10:30:49

Good Luck to all the children who are taking their scholarship exam today.

Mangeshi Wed 30-Jan-13 10:31:12

Thanks JoanByers for the links above.

racingheart Wed 30-Jan-13 11:44:56

Confused. Is this 13+ scholarship? Or are 11+ candidates supposed to be up to GCSE standard?

trinity0097 Wed 30-Jan-13 15:02:54

13+ scholarship candidates expected to be at a far advanced level. I have no experience of 11+ scholarship to RGS.

Aboleyn Wed 30-Jan-13 17:55:09

No post here again, so starting to feel hopeful for 11+ place.

Am very glad we decided not to do 13+, the scholarship stuff looks scarily advanced. Feel grateful you are not in this year's scholars - who have been told with very little notice (2 weeks?) that they have to do a French oral exam, as well as a written paper...

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