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State v Oakfield Prep, Sydenham High GDST or Sutton High GDST - world of difference?

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LadyIsabellaWrotham Thu 28-Feb-13 07:51:38

City of London School for Girls - that's the one we'll go for because it's right for DD.

mymeatballishorse Thu 28-Feb-13 00:18:34

wow fab
which will you choose?

(I have friends at Alleyns and they RAVE about it)

What does CLSG stand for?

LadyIsabellaWrotham Thu 28-Feb-13 00:12:45

Slightly late to this thread, but in need of a not so stealthy boast because we've got the final offer today grin...DD has just been offered places at JAGS, Alleyns and CLSG coming from an Outstanding but not fashionable urban state primary, with no tutor, so yes it is entirely possible, I think CLSG in particular has a high state sector intake. I did need to do a couple of maths papers with her to check for any gaps though.

fhmum Tue 12-Feb-13 11:06:41

I've come to this debate a bit late but I had to give my vote to Sydenham. My daughter is in year 1 and is having a wonderful time. The creative approach to learning and the nurturing approach to getting the best out of the girls is great.

I just this morning took her into class late this morning after a dentist appointment. Walking through the school when nobody was expecting me - not an open day or an assessment day - just confirmed how comfortable the atmosphere is. The girls are polite, the teachers were engaged and looked happy, class sizes are small. My daughter grabbed a maths worksheet, skipped off happily and didn't look back.

I would add that the year we joined, the junior school got a new headteacher, Mr May. He's very approachable if you felt a conversation with him would help you decide. In addition, he is implementing some very solid changes that feel very modern in approach. He came from Roedean in Sussex and I know he has big plans for ever-increasing academic success. Worth every penny.

SQ63 Tue 05-Feb-13 16:20:49

All three of my girls attended Sydenham GDST from age 4 ,the youngest of which has just come up from the junior school and is now in year 7.Over the past few years the academic results have been getting better and better last years GCSE results were really good . More importantly though Sydenham has given all 3 of my girls so much more than just an education .Sydenham does take girls from the state sector but I think the preparation and groundwork that is done at junior school means the transition is much smoother.

notavoicelikeShirleyBasseys Wed 23-Jan-13 19:06:39

Thanks to all who've replied. No closer to deciding. State is temptingly refreshing since pressure to pay fees will be absent equal more family time with DC at home and hopefully thriving better because more quality time etc..

Toomanychoices Fri 18-Jan-13 11:39:04

I would have a look at year 6 leaver destinations. Schools that go up to 18 are unlikely to prepare as much as a school going up to year 6

Inaflap Thu 17-Jan-13 17:24:40

Croydon high gdst take from local state. Very good sport, not the prettiest building on the outside but good facilities inside. Decent spread of ability level so some really brainy, some just ordinary. Good music, art and drama and strong pastoral system. I would have thought Sydenham and Sutton are similar. In these economic climes indies are not as selective as they used to be.

notavoicelikeShirleyBasseys Wed 16-Jan-13 11:53:59

Thanks. Any views on the GDST schools I mentioned? Are they academic/all-rounded/weaker so that if a child joins early they will do just as well staying as they would in state grammars Or not??


pinkdelight Wed 16-Jan-13 09:55:11

I don't know if Oakfield prepare for the 11+ but they make a big deal of how they prepare kids for selective indies and it has a rep amongst some mums for being a bit 'hothousey', so it could be what you're looking for. I'm sure they'd talk to you about it if you enquired. But as has been said above, the catchment for Tiffin is unlikely to stretch as far as your base if you're considering Oakfield and Sydenham.

twoterrors Wed 16-Jan-13 08:20:28

Lots of children from state primaries get into the independents you mention at 11+ - some say it is easier than from a prep (the schools don't say they set a different benchmark but they definitely look at where people are coming from). You can ask the admissions people for stats (and adjust for their own junior schools). Most seem to start practice or tutoring the January before - so a year before the exams. State primaries won't prepare them specifically but the schools try to include on the maths paper only stuff they will have covered. English is English (and benefits from some one to one whatever I would say). You need to practice the reasoning.

tiggytape Tue 15-Jan-13 22:51:49

I can't help on the prep school / indie school options but state schools definitely do not prepare children for the London / Surrey 11+ exams.
Both of the girls' grammars you mention have either a catchment area or a priroity area as part of their admissions now so this might influence whether you bother preparing and applying to those. Places at Tiffins won't be available in practice to anyone outside certain postcodes as of next year.
Generally people use private tutors or tutor at home if applying from state schools. It is a competitive entry system and people who are serious about it tend to tutor 1-3 years in advance - the tests are now taken right at the start of Year 6.

notavoicelikeShirleyBasseys Tue 15-Jan-13 21:23:23

Hi MNetters

Just musing on these for now and considering these options for pre-Year 6 transfer; two of the indies as you know go up till age 18 but Oakfield doesn't. Limited options due to current postcode areas we are relocating to for work and home.

Do Oakfield prepare for grammar school exams or either of these two 'through' schools, who would then risk losing some pupils if they did? Are these indies strongly academic. DC is a good all-rounder but not a MENSA kid!

Will an Ofsted-outstanding/Ofsted-good state school prepare DC for similar entry to top flight state grammar (Tiffin, Nonsuch) or independents like JAGS, Alleyns or CLSG? DC currently in state (good). We can do either, but tending towards private in preparation for Year 6.

Any ideas would be great! Thanks.

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