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Entrance exam... last bit of panic!

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Labro Fri 11-Jan-13 01:10:48

This has probably been asked many many times before but humour me! In the unlikely event that ds is ill or the weather stops us getting to the exam, do I ring the school and they allow test to be sat at another time or what????

racingheart Mon 14-Jan-13 21:27:16

Ginberry - I got the same impression as you. If you hear nothing that's very good news indeed. They send rejections out as soon as they can, so people aren't hanging on. Then they send out second interview letters which are for the borderline boys. The ones they definitely want, they simply offer places to when the deadline comes.
And I think Joan is right, very few people turn down RGS. There's more movement at Hampton and Reeds, as these are both second choice schools for lots of people. Even though Hampton is an academic school, it's still seen by some London parents as the safety net for boys who don't get into Kings, Westminster or St Pauls, so if their first choice comes through, they turn it down.

Ginberry Mon 14-Jan-13 21:41:32

Thanks. I think they definitely let the second interviews know this week because the second interviews are held over 4 days next week starting on 22 Jan, so you'd have to be notified before then. So really it's just whether or not the rejections get told this week as well. I'd thought that was the case but another mum said to me today that rejects aren't told till 18 Feb either, which seemed harsh!

racingheart Mon 14-Jan-13 22:11:54

I think that mum may be wrong. HM said, no news is good news and those who haven't passed would be told soon.

JoanByers Mon 14-Jan-13 22:52:07

Hampton and Reeds are both very oversubscribed, but Reeds would be a third choice usually, behind a school such as Hampton, so applicants per place stats there are even less meaningful.

If you look at Oxbridge stats RGS is sending 25%, whereas Hampton more like 10%, so there is a definite 'creaming off' to other schools (the London schools to the north of the Hampton catchment, and RGS to its south) of the most outstanding candidates, but still clearly enough candidates to be highly selective, and pursue a highly academic curriculum.

Labro Tue 15-Jan-13 08:36:24

Is that the same sort of ratio for 13+ entry? Ds sat rgs and will sit the 13+ assessment at Reeds at the beginning of Year 7, his school are putting him in for the academic and DT scholarship. I'm wondering if sheer numbers of children applying means that I should have a third registered and if so which one? St Johns list is closed as is Epsom College and Cranleigh is completely out of league financially. We're based surrey/sussex end but do have the mobility to move the other side of guildford if needed.
Please be gentle, still feeling fragile!

stclemens Tue 15-Jan-13 11:36:47

what about City of London Freemans (in Ashtead?)

Labro Tue 15-Jan-13 12:09:41

Just had a look at their website, main intake is 7? Is 13+ entry by CE rather than any pretesting and what are their bursary offers like at this age does anyone know?

stclemens Tue 15-Jan-13 13:46:44

I think they take in at 11+, 12+ and 13+. They seem to have improved their exam results quite a lot recently. There is info on scholarships on the website as well (not too many of those available though!) and bursaries. Worth looking at the Good School Guide?

racingheart Tue 15-Jan-13 20:12:22

Labro, we went to look at City of London Freemans. It's another nice school with great sports grounds and a swimming pool. Co-ed. The girl who showed us around was awe-inspiring. Very self confident and organised without being bossy. She kept us on our toes.

Their results looked good. I was a bit put off by the lack of work on display, a very grumpy art mistress (DS loves art, so it would be crucial to him) and when the language teachers told me students tend to study films not novels at A level these days. It didn't seem to have much academic rigour. But overall it had a good feel to it. The reason we ruled it out was that we want DS to be able to use public transport when he's older, and there's none to Ashtead from where we live.

racingheart Tue 15-Jan-13 20:20:29

Joan, do you understand the stats for Hampton? Their website says they had over 1000 boys sitting this Jan. But did that include 11 and 13+ entries and 10+ for 2014, or is that 1000 for the 70 places that go out to 11+ boys - in which case the chances of getting in are slighter than for Tiffin.

JoanByers Tue 15-Jan-13 20:52:21

As I understand it Tiffin offer, in the end, almost 300 places from 1800 applicants, which is in 1 in 6 chance of success (PAN is 140).

I'm not sure what Hampton's position is, but I would guess that it is similar in that half of offers probably don't get taken up.

I know they are more oversubscribed than the RGS, I believe more like 5 or 6 to 1 rather than 3 to 1, but obviously the further down the pecking order (if people are applying to four schools, say), and the more competition there is, the less meaningful that is - some schools would need that many applicants per place just to fill the places with no selection at all! I think it says in the GSG but I don't have mine to hand currently.

One of the thing with Tiffin is the selection procedure is more transparent and if you're shit-hot on IQ tests (effectively), than that's it, you get in, whereas these private schools can decide they do or don't like you for any reason under the sun - from the school's reference, to your choice of sports/extra-curricular activities, music, or anything, so no boy is ever a cert really with these highly sought after private schools, whereas it's quite possible to be a cert for Tiffin i think.

LIZS Wed 16-Jan-13 09:53:19

Labro, if you are Sussex/Surrey what about Christ's Hospital or Ardingly ?

Labro Wed 16-Jan-13 10:11:25

Can't do CH due to attitude of ds dad (won't sign paperwork and CH won't process without signature) and can't remember why I looked at Ardingly and didn't think about it after that.... have a feeling their bursary system is linked solely to scholarship rather than solely means tested, but will have another look.

BleakSpouse Wed 16-Jan-13 12:00:35

Anybody know if the RGS letters (rejections / second interviews) have yet been sent or received? They must get sent out this week, surely?

racingheart Wed 16-Jan-13 12:10:20

Nothing here yet Bleak. Nothing from anyone. Strangely silent.

I thought the tension would drop after the exams, but although DS now bobbing around like a happy little helium balloon, I'm on knife edge and feel really aggrieved at every holiday brochure that thumps onto the mat when I want a letter. And don't mention the poor souls who ring up to try and fleece us into buying Microsoft spyware when we have a Mac. Every time the phone rings my heart jumps.

hardboiled Wed 16-Jan-13 12:39:22

racingheart, where did you find those stats for Hampton? I looked in their website but can't find anything...

Anyone knows how many children they interview for the 11+ 120 places at Hampton?

Labro Wed 16-Jan-13 12:51:32

No idea on Hampton as only did rgs.
Feel for you racing, I have a seperate post box and each day I'm dreading opening it and this is for entry in 2 years time, so goodness knows how you 11+ folk feel!

racingheart Wed 16-Jan-13 13:07:02

hardboiled - I think the stats were in the news bar down the side of the home page.

racingheart Wed 16-Jan-13 13:07:38

hardboiled - I think the stats were in the news bar down the side of the home page.

hardboiled Wed 16-Jan-13 13:30:04

Thanks racing..Checked the news...I still can't find them! Must be my browser?

mimbleandlittlemy Wed 16-Jan-13 13:45:47

We've just had the rejection letter from Hampton. Ds will be very sad and so am I but there we go.

hardboiled Wed 16-Jan-13 13:55:14

Sorry to hear mimble. Remember to assure your DS that this is in no way a reflection of who he really is and all he can achieve. Competition was mad this year, over 1000 boys and DS said it was a very very hard exam...

racingheart Wed 16-Jan-13 14:02:51

So sorry, nimble. Yikes. At least they don't seem to be keeping people waiting too long. Are you going to tell him straightaway or wait and see what else comes in. Did you apply elsewhere?

Hardboiled, I just had another look on the Hampton site (not that I'm neglecting my work all day out of nerves hmm ) and can't find it either. But somewhere on their own site it said they'd had over 1000 candidates sitting this january. So the competition for places there is stiff.

As Joan says though, it probably works out about the same as for RGS. RGS has fewer candidates but tends to be a first choice school, whereas Hampton is second choice for lots of London parents who've tried their sons out for the top day schools, so their list might shake up a lot more. (So, it may be worth contacting them Mimble and asking to be considered for the waiting list. It's hard to judge how the acceptances will pan out.)

Oh I don't like this waiting game. I really should go and do some work and take my mind off it.

mimbleandlittlemy Wed 16-Jan-13 14:09:05

I had a bad feeling in my waters from the minute we turned up on that one - the volume of traffic alone!! Was it really 1000? Blimey.

Oh well, one down, two to go and then it's our local comp. Lots of reassurance and hugs and accentuating the positive tonight (and ignoring the fact the kids he most hates from his class will be going to said comp!). At least the rejection didn't come in until he'd finished all his exams which is a good thing.

JoanByers Wed 16-Jan-13 15:00:40

which other schools has he applied to?

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