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help! son developing a fear of playing rugby

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Labro Thu 10-Jan-13 15:27:59

Hope someone has a suggestion.
Son yr 6 of prep school, started there yr 5, no previous experience of contact rugby, games master assured me that they do gentle introduction and coaching, but in reality he coaches the A team in lessons and leaves the rest to a gap year student. The bullying got ridiculous, boys using the game as an excuse to kick, hit and punch. School dealt with it. This term, he hatwa the rugby season with a passion, yesterday the other little charmers spent the whole lesson making monkey noises as him and 2 friends who also don't really understand what they are supposed to be doing.
How do I raise this with the games master? Hes had new boys crying, being sent home as frozen to the bone and is not coaching at all, so these boys have no opportunity to learn how to play properly and enjoy the strategy, instead they and my son are simply becoming scared of the thinly veiled agression and violence.

seeker Sat 12-Jan-13 08:22:07

grin @Athing.

Labro- seriously, don't take your eyes off this for a moment- it could be a symptom of something deeper. What I didn't like was the way the other boys behaved the moment they were unsupervised.

schoolnurse Sat 12-Jan-13 11:04:17

OP I work in an independent school we have just completed our rugby term. We have a group of boys who very obviously don't like rugby and in fact are absolutely petrified of it especially when we play certain schools. They often present on the day of a match with whole variety of symptoms hoping to be excused from games.
When choosing you next school please think carefully. It is easier at prep level to have you son excused from rugby but much harder at senior level especially if you're considering boarding. Most independent schools play rugby in the first term and at boarding school they will play it at least four times a week even in the pouring rain or the freezing cold, matches are frequently arranged for those who are in the D's or E's. Rugby is also likely to be compulsory for at least the first year if not the first three. There are schools out there that either don't play rugby I understand Westminster Winchester and Charterhouse don't and either provide one alternative e.g. hockey/rowing or lots of alternatives. Being made to play rugby when you clearly hate it can IME significantly jaundice a child's view of school in general so please do look into it carefully.

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