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C of E schools ....

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nutcracker Mon 12-Jan-04 23:48:42

In the area i am thinking of moving to, the 3 nearest primary schools are C of E. None of my children have been christened so would i be able to get them in ??? I do not drive so couldnot get them to the nearest non religous school.

hmb Fri 06-Feb-04 20:07:41

Both of mine go to a fee paying C of E school. There are no questions asked about religious affiliation. All faiths are taught in school, and it is the most culturaly diverse school in the area, with Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians and athiests attending.

hulababy Sat 07-Feb-04 16:18:28

My DD has her name down for a fee paying CoE school. It was not the reason we chose the school. She and Dh are actually christened Catholic anyway. We did give her religion on the application form but I think is just a standard question on such forms now. The school teaches about all religions, and there are no specific church services that children have to attend. The school has children from many different cultures and religions there and no one appears to be excluded.

lydialemon Fri 20-Feb-04 14:58:55

Sorry expatkat, only just saw the question. The schools in Thornton Heath (so officially Croydon).

We have people coming from miles around, one Mum I know does an hour journey to get here!

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