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Independent school League tables

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bulletpoint Sun 06-Jan-13 23:27:51

im looking for the latest league tables, ive looked at the FT but it only has Indy tables for 2011, whilst the 2012 table is for all secondary schools. Im sure last year an Mner posted a different league table link that showed 'Brighton college' in particular as number 18, does anyone remember the source or this link in particular ?

TheWomanOnTheBus Fri 11-Jan-13 15:24:41

Except I am worrying about 20/30 place differences!

I do hate that snobbery which Xenia mentions though. DS won't go to one of the top 10 schools simply because he has no desire to (genuinely don't like Westimnster for various reasons, for eg), not because he isn't clever enough (not saying he is clever enough, but hey who knows until we try the tests?).

Just like Oxbridge people (and some Oxbridge lovers) think you have to be cleverer just because you went there.

<trying to hide chip on shoulder>

TotallyBS Fri 11-Jan-13 15:42:48

Both DCs are at schools that are in the top 50 of whatever table you want to use. DD1's school is about 20 places above DD2's.

When I compare the two schools it is obvious that DD1's position is due to its teaching as opposed to selecting brighter kids. I mean, they cover subjects in greater depth and speed.

So, yes, 20 places difference does matter IMO.

happygardening Fri 11-Jan-13 17:07:37

DS2 at top 10 and I have extensive connections with one other one top 100 according to FT league tables. Its not just the teaching I think its all the other things outside of lessons offered to all at my DS's school are only offered to scholars at the other school and in fact in may other schools higher up the league tables, "extension" work is routine again not just again scholars or the "gifted and talented."
The downside for some of being in a top 10 school is what I call the A* culture the assumption that an A* is the norm and that some must struggle with this kind of pressure. Also my DS is expected to work much harder than many we know at other schools, even those 30 places lower in the FT rankings it's possible I suspect that some may think there's not a lot of fun. Others of course and my DS is one who thrives on it which is a bit of a relief.

CecilyP Fri 11-Jan-13 17:21:41

One thing worth bearing in mind when looking at A level league tables is how many extra pupils the school selects for 6th form. Some of the 'top' schools don't just replace the pupils they lose, but take on significant numbers of extra pupils - pupils who are often subject to quite stringent selection criteria - based on excellent GCSE results and more. Information about this is usually available on the schools' websites.

happygardening Fri 11-Jan-13 17:37:59

Cecily they also suggest to their current students who are not going to get the required GCSE grades that they leave and find somewhere more suitable! Being in the top 10 means that you are good at selecting the very brightest and willing to ask them to leave if they don't perform to the required standard as well as providing them with an outstanding education.

Xenia Sat 12-Jan-13 16:35:00

Cecil it is very very rare though at the very top schools. I remember may be 1 or two girls a year joining Habs or NLCS in the sixth form buti t was hardly any and hardly anyone left. It is not as if they let a bunch of thickos in at 11 and then at age 16 suddenly let in children from local comps who get the school moved up the league tables.

the Woman - surely it's not snobbery. If most people at Oxbridge have AAA and most people at London Met have DDE it is not wrong for employers to think great you went to Oxbridge (or Haberdashers or whatever) so you must be clever. It's not snobbery - it's pure fact.

happygardening Sat 12-Jan-13 17:36:28

Xenia I'm sure they dont let in a bunch of thickos at 11 and chuck them out at 16 but they may find that a child is very bright but not prepared to put in the required level of work even the most able have to be willing to make an effort and this may not be easy to assess at an interview and things change as a child matures sometimes the keen very bright 11 yr old fails to work when it matters. I increasingly hear of children being asked to leave super selectives Wincheter have already told us they will do this if a boy does not get the required grades and I know others do too.
Even DS1 comp requires certain GCSE grades for the 6 th form and at AS level too failure to get either and you will be asked to go.

CecilyP Sun 13-Jan-13 11:40:18

Cecil it is very very rare though at the very top schools. I remember may be 1 or two girls a year joining Habs or NLCS in the sixth form buti t was hardly any and hardly anyone left. It is not as if they let a bunch of thickos in at 11 and then at age 16 suddenly let in children from local comps who get the school moved up the league tables.

You must have misunderstood my post as I was talking about schools that plan and provide for a significant numbers of extra pupils for 6th form - not just replacing those that leave - in fact they could take 30+ extra pupils even if nobody leaves. So no displacement of a 'bunch of thickos' is necessary. And, in terms of private schools, I think they are more likely to recruit pupils from other private schools, rather than children from local comprehensives

I wasn't thinking of Habs or NLCS - they were not high enough in the list for me to check. The table I looked at had Westminster as the top private school and they do take in a significant number of extra pupils, eg girls, for 6th form. Also on the table, the top state grammar school, Henrietta Barnet, and the top state comprehensive, London Oratory, increase their PAN by 30 for 6th form. In the case of HB, this is a 33% increase in pupil numbers.

horsemadmom Sun 13-Jan-13 16:39:04

Habs and NLCS not high enough to check? But you are looking at HB and London Oratory? Which table were you looking at and on which planet? Not meaning to be flip but....
NLCS does take a few at 6th form as a handful leave for co-ed or boarding. I only know of one girl asked to leave after lower 6th as she really wasn't working and wasn't willing to pull her socks up (girl involved agreed with the school.).
I do agree about the difference between top 10-20 schools and those in the 50-80 range. DS's school only kicks boys out in extremis- almost never for academic reasons as they feel that they've taken a kid on and they are responsible for making them achieve or not. I like that attitude. I looked at a school for DD2 after taking her out of a top 10 which had a sudden change in ethos. The proposed new school is around the low 20's (30ish places above DS's). The difference? Only a handful into Oxbridge in the proposed school. Some subjects had uniformly abysmal results. Some subjects not even offered at 6th form. The rankings never tell the whole story.

CecilyP Sun 13-Jan-13 18:08:13

It was one of those newspaper tables - probably one listed up-thread. No, Habs and NLCS were not high enough to check because I only checked the top private school which was Westminster; likewise the top grammar school and the top comprehensive, already mentioned. And I noted the one thing that these 3 schools have in common - that is all.

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