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Lancaster Royal Grammar School - advice please!!

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iclaudius Mon 10-Dec-12 21:27:00

We have a year 11 boy who is thinking of going here to board...
We have to make a decision quite soon and are not able to visit the school until a week or so before we pay the deposit ...eek

We live a way away and therefore have no friends with insider knowledge - we'd love any information - good or bad....

Long time MNer just name changed


iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 11:27:26

Bumping for day timers

iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 17:30:35

And early evening

PetiteRaleuse Tue 11-Dec-12 17:31:34

Hi, I know a bit about this school, what would you like to know?

EddieIzzardIsOrange Tue 11-Dec-12 17:34:22

I know some bits too, DP is an ex-student (not that long ago, he's only early 20's now) and I work with quite a few kids from there (youth worker)

What would you want to know?

iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 17:35:12

Thank you petit !! Anything would be great !! Do you recommend it - does it have a good reputation locally ? Is there anything (downsides) I Shpuld think about? Do you know any boys from there have they turned out nice??

iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 17:38:07

Eddie thanks again - DS is doing REALLY well at his school now and I don't want moving him to negatively impact on him / he is from a very big family with a lot of younger siblings so we are thinking boarding might benefit him ....

The caveat to this is that he is easily led and a bit macho and I'm worried that he might suffer if not under a tight rein... I have no idea how strict etc the school is in sixth form

PetiteRaleuse Tue 11-Dec-12 17:39:31

I don't now much about the boarding, other than most boarders are weekly, going home at weekends, or were. Most pupils are day only.

Lancaster is a nice city but at nights can be quite rough, and the grammar kids get quite a lot of stick for being snobs. They aren't snobs, but perceived to be so.

Rsults are good, there is quite a focus on sports, especially rugby.

The facilities are excellent for a state school. Teachers excellent though, when I last heard, pastoral care patchy. May well have improved.

Competition isencouraged, both in sport and academically. Wouldn't suit the shy and retiring type of child. Lots of emphasis on straight As and Oxbridge.

Lots of joint activities with the girls' school from y10 on - concerts, trips, leavers' ball, and some excellent theatre productions.

iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 17:39:56

We are kind of hoping that its a bit 'old school' iyswim.

Eddie wow!!! Did your dp enjoy it?? Did he fulfill his potential or does he think it did well for him?

PetiteRaleuse Tue 11-Dec-12 17:43:28

Discipline is good but no idea about sixth form. Some michief is to be expected though. No major drugs problem that I know of.

The reputation locally is excellent re sports and results. Macho should fit in.

The people I know from there have become anything from well known surgeons to teachers to any range of job really.

iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 17:46:28

Petite (sorry to masculinise you last time) that is very helpful thank you - I have no idea if he would even be allowed out in Lancaster or not ...

PetiteRaleuse Tue 11-Dec-12 17:47:22

One person I know from there had a horrible time. Bullying etc but not a sporty type and very shy. He was an exception though.

Academically they push quite hard, and will get the best results out of their students. Unless he is pretty much straight A at GCSE he might have trouble following the A Level curriculum, as the boys who have been all the way through will have been pushed past the GCSE syllabus.

PetiteRaleuse Tue 11-Dec-12 17:48:19

I don't know what freedom they get as sixth formers. But at that age he wouldn't have the problems of the younger pupils.

EddieIzzardIsOrange Tue 11-Dec-12 17:49:12

Is very old-school/traditional if thas what you're looking for, lots of focus on dressing well/representing the school/sporting and academic acheivemens are highly valued - I agree with Petite, rugby is the school sport and if you're good at it, you are valued highly

DP had a great education there and it sparked interests perhaps not 'commonly' found in early 20's men, he's very into history/geography and historical politics for example

It is not the best school I have come across in terms of pastoral care (DP's mum died when he was 12 and he was told he could have the Friday off but be back by Monday!)

However, it does have a good reputation, DP has had interviews just because they have read 'Lancaster Grammar' on his cv

We have a son (only 2) but if we are still in the area I'd like him to go here...Dont know if any of this is helping!

Any thing else?

EddieIzzardIsOrange Tue 11-Dec-12 17:51:23

I'd also argue Lancaster own is not that bad at all! A litle rowdy on big student nighs but I have lived here 6 years (including as a student) and I've never had any issues on nights out...

Crikeyblimey Tue 11-Dec-12 17:51:33

My nephew went there and loved it. He was a day boy though. His sisters went to the Girl's school.

PetiteRaleuse Tue 11-Dec-12 17:53:25

Eddie the issues are mainly when the grammar kids are in town during the day in uniform, at the bus station etc. Or that's how it was in my day. In my day also nights could be quite rough but nothing massively dangerous.

changeforthebetterforObama Tue 11-Dec-12 17:58:10

[ This] might give you an idea of what goes on in French lessons! grin An inspired way of helping kids through wretched Controlled Assessments on the topic of free time.

changeforthebetterforObama Tue 11-Dec-12 18:00:31

Or even This!blush

EddieIzzardIsOrange Tue 11-Dec-12 18:01:29

Oh sorry Petite, think i misunderstood.

I think theres a bit of 'joshing' that I've seen but nothing that wouldnt be between other schools regardless of grammar or not...and they've always been nice enough to me, letting me on first with the pram at the bus stop etc

iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 18:06:37

Eddie that does really help actually - especially you saying you WOULD send your DS there...

DS 2 is academically v bright and I would want them to push him .. He is very capable but lazy and SHOULD be top university material. He does go to a non boarding state grammar now and my main concern really is that being away from us pushing him - the schoo may not push to get the most out of him

This is obviously a boarding issue not specific to Lancaster but from what you are saying Lancaster sounds ideal ..... Eeek!!! It's such a minefield but on paper Lancaster looks perfect!

iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 18:07:37

Crikey thanks for your input - I will look at the link now!

icclebabyjesusheave Tue 11-Dec-12 18:19:16

I know the school quite well. It has an excellent reputation locally, good pastoral care and extra curricular activities and brilliant exam results. They are very motivated to get the best out of their boarders as its there reputation on the line. A friend of mine sent her DS there to board despite living locally as they were better at getting work out of him than they were at home. grin

I live in the area and went to the girl's school. By the time you get into 6th form, generally no one cares which school you're from. Lancaster is a small town city and while the two universities means there are a lot of student nights, I've never witnessed serious trouble in town over the weekends.

icclebabyjesusheave Tue 11-Dec-12 18:20:03

Their, not there. <rolls eyes at self> Obviously I am not a good advert for the Girls' school with that appalling grammar!

iclaudius Tue 11-Dec-12 18:37:47

Ickle you 'self corrected' so are forgiven ;)

That is do helpful thank you - I am just a little scared that DS will be out on the town a bit.... We live a fair hike away so he would be there a fair few weekends... I am hoping they are pushy and for a big school the results look good...

I guess I'll have to ask how much feedback we get about his performance and how often ..

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