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Interested in baby signing?

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MariaHoll Fri 07-Apr-06 21:17:13

T*he Research!*

Research carried out found that by 2 years old signing babies knew on average *50 more* spoken words than their non-signing peers, and that a year later the 3 year old signing babies were at a speech level comparable to a 4 year old. They then looked at the same children at age 8 and they were performing all round at a level more like 9 year olds. In fact the signers scored on average 12 points higher in a traditional IQ test than any of the other non-signers, which is a very significant difference and clearly shows that using signs with your baby is CERTAINLY NOT going to harm mental development in any way.
“Sign language can be used to improve hearing children’s vocabulary, reading ability, spelling proficiency, self-esteem, and comfort with expressing emotions. Sign can empower a young child as it eliminates the necessity to scream & cry, because its communicative ability allows the child to express needs. This aspect cultivates a strong sense of self-worth in youngsters and permits them to enjoy greater confidence”

“Signing also speeds up the process of learning to talk, stimulates intellectual development, enhances self-esteem and strengthens the bond between parent & infant.”
Areddolo & Goodwin (professors of Psychology & child development)

“When signing is used in a nursery setting, the incidence of biting; a sign of frustration, is much reduced”
Elizabeth Morris- School of Emotional Literacy, Gloucester.

“Signing helps to lower noise in care environments by reducing frustrated screaming and crying.” “Signing minimizes stress and frustration of the carer who may be responsible for meeting the needs of many children at once.”
Dr Peter Willats- Senior Lecturer in Child Development, Dundee University.’

Tania Allen is a head of Speech and Language Therapy in East Kent and this is what she thought of using signs with her 1 year old nephew:

“It’s a constant source of pleasure for all the family to see Theodore signing, using a mixture of British Sign Language and a variety of highly ingenious signs of his own.”
Did it stop him from talking? NO!

“At two years old his expressive language is now rapidly developing but he continues to use his signs alongside, perhaps realising that this will help others to understand what he is saying.”

She also lists 7 main benefits to using signs with babies:

1. Signing allows an infant to communicate accurately their thoughts, needs and feelings before they
can speak.

2. Signing reduces frustration for babies.

3. Signing gives a window into the infant’s mind and personality…

4. Signing enhances the parent-child bonding…

5. Signing promotes excellent interaction…parents automatically adopt positive interaction

6. Signing facilitates an adult’s ability to interpret early attempts at words…

7. Signing children tend to be more interested in books…
Tania Allen “Signing the way” (Speech & Language Therapy In Practice Winter 2004)

Have a look at \link(

wangle99 Sat 08-Apr-06 10:35:57

Hear hear!

DS is 2.5 and has a vocabulary of about 500 words at a guess - probably way more than this really but have you tried counting them????

Speaking in full sentences as well.

Much different from DD who didn't utter a SINGLE word until she was 2.5 and we didn't sign with her.

wangle99 Sat 08-Apr-06 10:36:33

Also looked at

zippitippitoes Sat 08-Apr-06 10:42:37

perhaps you need to use the small business section
to promote the business?

there is a charge of 50.00

wangle99 Sat 08-Apr-06 10:48:08

Apologies just thought it fair to show other ways of learning, to even out the balance you can always learn via;


Joseph Garcia - Sign to your baby (yhis is the original one - very good and uses American Sign Language)

Baby Signs by Linda Acredolo, Susan Goodwyn - Slightly different approach but very good book (again American but this doesn't matter providing you are consistent)


Something Special on BBC uses Makaton, excellent programme and very easy to pick up the signs from.

Makaton video, Dave Benson Phillips - nursery rhymes easy to pick up although slightly old now but still easy to use.

Make your own up! As long as you are consistent in using the signs it doesn't matter what the signs are (although if your child is going to nursery and they sign you will have to explain what signs your children use).

Does that let me off the hook??

zippitippitoes Sat 08-Apr-06 10:49:15

wangle are you maria holl?

Skribble Sat 08-Apr-06 10:49:33

I think zippi was refering to the original post, perhaps to much of an advert.

wangle99 Sat 08-Apr-06 10:50:45

thought I was being referred to!

Nope, am not Maria Holl lol sorry!

wangle99 Sat 08-Apr-06 10:51:43

Just scrolled down and realised the OP was Maria Holl, no definately not me, just a subject I'm very passionate about and can't help myself when I see a posting about it as it helped us so much with DS!

I'm not doing very well this morning as I lol

zippitippitoes Sat 08-Apr-06 10:52:21

sorry wangle, I was suggesting that the op would be better off with an ad in small business

wangle99 Sat 08-Apr-06 10:54:08

no problem Zippi I'm always careful what I post to not advertise anything as I know it's frowned on! (quite rightly so or it takes over the boards).

Anyway gist is signing is great and everyone should do it and it doesn't matter how you do it

Think that just about covers it!!!

julienetmum Sat 08-Apr-06 11:50:45

Whilst I am a big fan of baby signing and have just finished 3 terms of Sing & Sign classes with my ds. I feel that this post is a blatant advert for one particular franchise. If someone had asked for info on these classes fair enough but this should fo in small businesses with the relevant fee paid.

jollymum Sat 08-Apr-06 12:26:08

Get into the small ads (and yes, I do baby signing/singing etc too) so it's not sour grapes

williamsmummy Sun 09-Apr-06 15:27:41

I have never understood the need for this.
However, cant see harm in anything that encourages people to comunitcate with their children.
Which is something that happens without the need for signing.
I do think that makaton is a useful and use it pre-school settings.
But this baby signing , sounds a bit too 'hothouse' IMO

SueW Sun 09-Apr-06 15:38:44

IMO baby signing is like baby music and baby gym - they are all a good reason for mum, dad or carer to get out of the house and spend some time doing something with and for their child (and hopefully for themselves too by meeting others in the same situation).

It tends to be a bit less lonely or nerve-wracking than walking into a baby group or toddler group which is completely unfocused and where you could sit on your own for the full two hours and no-one talk to you or your child at all.

So not at all hot-housing IMO.

sunnydelight Wed 19-Apr-06 14:57:46

"Sing and Sign" classes were the most BORING, TEDIOUS activity I have ever done with any of my three children.

wangle99 Wed 19-Apr-06 19:21:23

sunnydelight - do you mind me asking you why you found that? Just curious!

Sparkerleur Wed 19-Apr-06 19:24:21

Sorry to hijack this thread. I have my own thread selling off my mini IQ products in FOR SALE and one of the products I have is the WOW board books and Toy. These are actually baby signing items. Two books and a toy which you can sign with. If you would like more info please give me a shout.
Thanks. x

Sparkerleur Wed 19-Apr-06 19:54:25

sorry didn't mean to kill it

helsi Wed 19-Apr-06 19:56:34

sorry but I used to think it was a fab idea but a riend of mine actually did baby signing and it delayed the childs speech - he would rather sign than bother to ask for anything.

fsmail Wed 19-Apr-06 20:46:42

My dd has excellent speech at 21 months and we did baby signing. She also does it at nursery now. Really good. I wish it would have been around for my DS when he was a baby.

poppiesinaline Wed 19-Apr-06 21:51:04

I didnt sign with my first two but decided to sign with my 3rd. Couldnt bear to sit through sing and sign classes so bought a DVD and learnt it at home. DS2 loves the DVD and DS1 and DD love to sit and watch along too.

DS1 and DD didnt start talking until they were about 18 months. DS2 is just starting to say his first words (he signs at the same time as saying them - looks very cute! ). He had his 1st birthday last week.

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Thu 20-Apr-06 11:27:37

sign does not delay a child's speech- lots of studies showing that. Chances are the child who would rather sign than talk would have been screaming on the floor unable to request a desired item in any way, or they would have pointed and said "uh uh uh".

jamsam Thu 20-Apr-06 11:29:37

i read the post as baby singing...i was very confused for a while..

babysign Thu 03-Sep-09 14:14:54

Message withdrawn

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