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Caldicott School - does anyone know about learning support here?

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ECLEO Tue 27-Nov-12 10:47:32

We've recently had Caldicott recommended to us because we're told it has a good academic record (without being a scary hothouse) as well as a good learning support team. Our DS (age 10) is dyslexic and we've been advised that he needs a school that doesn't dumb down (his current one does a bit) but that also copes with a range of abilities and can provide him with support when he needs it.

Can anyone comment on this?
Any advice MUCH appreciated.

Mammyof1boy Thu 23-Mar-17 20:51:21

I don't know how anyone could even consider sending their child to this school. The current head failed to report a teacher who sexually abused a child to the Police nor the Education authority, all he did was to suspend said teacher. This is certainly not a character that I would entrust any of my loved ones to!!!!

sadwidow28 Thu 14-May-15 19:07:52

I have been alerted to this thread because I have nominated RAVSCA for consideration for Mumsnet Giving Week 2015

My heart goes out to those boys - but the truth must come out!

Pastpublicschoolboy Sun 05-Jan-14 15:45:55
Also worth a read

Pastpublicschoolboy Sun 05-Jan-14 15:32:18

I have no idea of the accuracy of this but ,worth a read

Pastpublicschoolboy Sat 04-Jan-14 22:59:16

Many thousands of pupils will have passed through Caldicott untouched and unaware what actually occurred in the shadows. But those who suffered at the hands of many peadophiles can take no consolation regarding the safety of Caldicott. I am sure that when my parents were looking to find a springboard to my public school , that Caldicott was never advertised as a place full of adults who would sexually violate their young boys. Oh hang on that's right it was one othe the most respected prep schools in the uk. Kinda how Caldicott is today!

Gourdin Sat 04-Jan-14 15:59:33

I too was at Caldicott, early to mid 50s when RPW arrived at the School. We had a marvellous Head in Shewell-Cooper but Wright was at the time a breath of fresh air, an inspirational and dedicated teacher and keen, as we now know, on sport. Goodness knows why it all went wrong with him. How brave for so many boys to come forward so long after events. The School, I understand, is now a model one in all respects and the Head has the respect and strong support of current parents.

Pastpublicschoolboy Sat 28-Dec-13 12:33:45

Sorry but I have no other info on abuse in similar institutions, I have been isolated to preserve the integrity of the judicial system. I also now live at the other end of the country. Please don't think I am claiming this behaviour is widespread but it was truly generational . Pupils who attended prior and post my school years have all reported abuse. It has been generational. A truly hard nut to crack, but with. Shear determination and refusal to be swept aside , we have managed to gain some comfort of supposed justice. Crazy really I have a past teacher having spent his second Christmas in prison and removed from his family. This gives me no sense of closure. What these men took from us as little boys has impacted over a lifetime. I am sure they feel no remorse but the chaos that has ensued in my life since they abused me has been immense.

NigellasDealer Sat 28-Dec-13 09:24:33

Can I ask what a robust child protection policy is?
'robust' is just a word thrown around by 'professionals' that doesn't mean v much IME.

WoodBurnerBabe Sat 28-Dec-13 09:20:44

I believe the latest trial was concluded on Tuesday 17th December just gone with a guilty verdict.

hatsybatsy Sat 28-Dec-13 09:16:26

pastpublicschoolboy - if another trial is pending, is it wise to be writing this stuff on here?

Pastpublicschoolboy Fri 27-Dec-13 16:48:03

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Superstar1234 Wed 25-Dec-13 23:09:35

I am afraid that this could be just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure there will be quite a few other adults coming forward in the weeks/months to come. Not so sure it as easy to cover things up as it once was.

Sadly, only in the last 10-15 years have more stringent checks been carried out on boarding staff. It is thankfully a legal requirement, and as a parent of two young boarders...I made as many enquiries about the staff looking after my two DS as possible. Communication is also so much more advanced now...and I get to have nightly chats with my DS, as well as Skype and email.

Pastpublicschoolboy I cannot begin to imagine what you went through..but hope you can find some way to move forward with your life with the knowledge that at last something is being done about it. I also applaud your bravery.

Tingo Wed 25-Dec-13 13:26:04

Well done Pastpublicschoolboy. I applaud your courage and determination.

I wonder how many other Caldicotts there are out there? Ashdown is now under investigation by Crown Prosecution Service. St Benedict's not so long ago was discovered to be hiding years of abuse.

During your campaign for justice, did you ever come across any estimations of what percentage of Private Schools have sought to cover up child abuse scandals?

Pastpublicschoolboy Tue 24-Dec-13 10:04:16

Five years of silence due to press black outs to preserve Peter Wright a fail trial ! Five years fighting authorities who wanted this to go away! Five years of hell! Justice is beginning to out.

Pastpublicschoolboy Sun 13-Jan-13 20:08:40

Thanks Dodgy, there are some truly gifted teachers in all types of school. Because my parents wanted the best education they could afford for me , they chose Caldicott. They were expats and so I was entrusted to board at the age of seven. I hadn't been there long before I was targeted by several adults. This continued till I passed c.e. and left for public school at thirteen and half.
I know have a mother of 82 racked with guilt that they sent me there and never picked up the fact that I was being raped by teachers. I urge you all to look for the really subtle signs of abuse,and don't be scared to ask difficult questions at your kids schools. There is currently a news black out on the current cases proceeding, but it will become apparent the level of abuse over several generations that has taken place there. The past headmaster still lives less than 100 yards from the school . Hopefully after April the press will report on this travesty of justice.

grovel Sun 13-Jan-13 00:10:22

Pastpublicschoolboy, so sorry about what you had to endure. One day someone will write a fascinating book about (boarding) prep school masters. It's a curious vocation but I've met some brilliant people doing it and some decidedly dodgy ones. But maybe the brilliant ones are dodgy and vice versa...

Pastpublicschoolboy Sat 12-Jan-13 23:51:06

I have just looked out my school years photos . Nick Clegg was a good friend of mine and yes he did attended Caldicott as did Miriam and Tom Stoppard's son, Mary Berry's son, Sir John Mills grandson etc etc all attended during my time at Caldicott. This was a school that was the school to be at if you wanted your child to enter one of the top public school in the U.K.
My poor Mother whom is now 82 is trying to deal with what happened at this school.

Pastpublicschoolboy Sat 12-Jan-13 23:41:57

I am a past pupil of Caldicott school and have for the past four years been trying to seek justice through our judicial system. As a 9 year old boy I was passed from teacher to teacher for their sexual gratification . This all took place whilst my parents felt their son was being cared for. I now know that I was not at fault or the only person whom they abused. The pupils in the documentary " The Chosen" attended the school 10 years prior myself. This has been generational abuse. I have no idea what is going on in Caldicott currently, but would never take the risk of sending my son there. In November last year I managed to gain a conviction of a five year sentence for one of my past teachers at Caldicott, and am preparing to go south for the trial of another of my past teachers at Caldicott. The strange thing that has made me post is that the man who received the 5 year sentence was my teacher whom gave me one to one support for my dyslexia. I urge all on this site, to ask all the awkward questions to the powers that be in all your children's schools. Don't presume that if they have a child protection policy , that it has any validity. Your children deserve to be safe and the opportunity to enjoy their school days, and not just survive . I have not only have gone against my abusers but also the code of public school education. We should never wash our dirty laundry in public. This was the ethos I was taught. I do hope that all of your children are safe and get the opportunity to enjoy their childhoods.

grovel Sun 02-Dec-12 16:23:12

To ensure fairness I should add that Cameron went to Heatherdown prep school. It closed in the eighties. Its site is now the Licensed Victuallers School in Ascot.

grovel Sun 02-Dec-12 16:19:13

Nick Clegg went to Caldicott.

JaneH99 Sun 02-Dec-12 11:24:57

I found this which provides further relevant information to your postings.

Xenia Wed 28-Nov-12 13:07:53

Times have not changed in the sense that children are never abused. Children are abused every day including at modern boarding schools BUT there is no evidence Caldicott has any of that currently going on. It just has that appalling reputation that sadly everyone now associates it with when the name is given and it did last there for a very long time. It was one of the worst.

The "Making of them" in the context of whether boarding is good or bad is a rather unfortunate phrase - the title of the book of the Boarding School Survivors Association.

However as I said above most children are abused by parents and those at home not schools and secondly the stuff at Caldicott as far as we can ever know about any school is not happening now. I only interceded above as someone seemed not to have known what the oblique reference was to the school and there are many others.

maisiejoe123 Tue 27-Nov-12 17:53:02

I have two boys at Caldicott and it has been the making of them. I agree with Xenia (although I dont agree with her views on boarding!) the abuse to watch out for is at home.

And something that happened over 30 yrs ago is not relevant for the boys that are there now. Boys now know their rights, there is Childline and outside counsellors that the boys can ring. Something that really wasnt around years ago.

I hate this abuse of power, whether it be teachers or priests. But times have changed.

milkshake3 Tue 27-Nov-12 17:49:48

Caldicott does get good results. Just make sure they don't ease out those that need learning support in the years leading up to CE as happens in some non selectives.

goralka Tue 27-Nov-12 17:34:09

with the headmaster involved in a paedophile ring, really? lots?
not one case of abuse, but systematic over decades inclusionist.

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