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Private school plumbs new depths

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Lemonsole Sat 24-Nov-12 15:16:03

Well. I have browsed many a thread here about the depths that Queen Ethelburger's school/faculty/college will go to in the quest for pupils.

Here I am, one of the people least likely ever to use a private school, and today they sent me a mail shot.

My jaw hit the deck when I saw inside it a list, by full name, of their leavers, together with their university destination and course, and full A level results.

Would anyone here ever send their DC to a school that sent that information out to randoms? Really? Here is my email to them, but I am wondering whether I should also report them elsewhere. Has any other Guardian-reading southerners been sent this rubbish?

I am horrified that you have mail shot me. My children are far too important to me to take the risk of educating them in any school that needs to send out mail shots to people who have never expressed any interest in your school.

However, as a teacher and parent, I am even more horrified that you sent the names, A-level grades and current university of your leavers in a mailing. This alone shows me that you have no respect for the personal data of your pupils and show scant regard for the most basic safeguarding procedures. You can show destinations without names, you know. Any good school or college can do this. 

Do not contact me again. I am a member of the mailing preference service. Do not pass my data on to any other organisation. The reference on your envelope was jhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj Please confirm my email that you have deleted my details and that they will not be passed on. I would also be interested to know where you got my address from.

NessaYork Sat 25-May-13 07:01:48

QE's is owned by an Insurance Company specialising in equestrian and pet insurance policies. Maybe they got your details through a financial services organisation?

Biscuitsneeded Mon 03-Dec-12 19:43:43

My partner got one of those too. We found it quite amusing. I do think that any school that resorts to sending mailshots is probably not a school you'd want to send your child to - even if you did have any spare money, and even if you weren't opposed to private education as a general principle anyway... I do think they could do their market research a bit more thoroughly!

Biscuitsneeded Mon 03-Dec-12 19:37:55

My partner got one of those too. We found it quite amusing. I do think that any school that resorts to sending mailshots is probably not a school you'd want to send your child to - even if you did have any spare money, and even if you weren't opposed to private education as a general principle anyway... I do think they could do their market research a bit more thoroughly!

LettyAshton Mon 03-Dec-12 12:11:37

Dh got one too the other day. So I don't think they got their mailing list from Mumsnet!

annh Mon 03-Dec-12 10:55:05

Yes, and sneakily if you tick the boxes not to receive marketing stuff and then move onto the next page but have made an error or left out a phone number of something, when you go back to the original page, it often seems to default the opt-out clause back to receiving mailings etc. Unless you specifically tick the boxes again, you then proceed to payment without realising that the options have changed.

Mutteroo Mon 03-Dec-12 07:39:46

If you ever order items on the Internet, you'll come across the boxes which ask you if you want mail shots from them 'tick or untick this box'. The next blurb will ask you if you mind your details being passed to a third party and again its a 'tick or untick' the box. Quite often the wording is confusing and people end up agreeing to their details being passed on in error. Is it possible this has happened to you OP? So easily done.

There are businesses that still abuse the system though, Even if you've signed up to the mail and phone services, you still get junk from them. The fines are minuscule and it would appear many businesses will pay the fines and offset this against the money they make from those who fall for their ,...ahem...charms.

DC old schools only list destinations, however DS school used to list full names. You'll also find many private schools list full names and prep schools when publishing scholarship results.

Greythorne Sun 02-Dec-12 19:16:28

Wgere did she talk about them being pompous?

I accept she used the word 'trumpet" but nowhere did she say pompously.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Sun 02-Dec-12 17:38:43

The fact that she chose the word 'trumpeting' to describe 'making known to the local press' is not really proof of anything though, is it? It's just a perjorative verb that she has chosen, not an accurate objective description of what happens.

Umeboshi Sun 02-Dec-12 17:35:18

Greythorne -- in Xenia's very own words:

'No one disputes that their [the good state schools'] exam results are excellent. What I meant in passing was some of our schools which take children who don't go there will trumpet someone in the local paper with relatively mediocre grades, that's all ...'

Is that really so hard to decipher?

poozlepants Sun 02-Dec-12 17:22:03

I got one and I live in Scotland and have one DC (4). It can't be Boden as I haven't shopped there from this address. I did think it was very strange. I scoffed.

bamboostalks Sun 02-Dec-12 17:14:34

Dh received one. Very bizarre indeed as we live in London and have never professed any interest in this establishment.

goralka Sun 02-Dec-12 17:10:00

Next time, read the words more attentively
I have deconstructed her message totally and all I can see is blatant mocking of state schools for celebrating any success.

Greythorne Sun 02-Dec-12 17:06:50


Re-read Xenia's post

She did not talk about anybody being "pompous"

And she talked about decent grade, not mediocrity.

Umeboshi Sun 02-Dec-12 16:55:22

Nit -- Because she's repeatedly used the words 'trumpeting' and 'mediocre'.

The sad thing is most of you weren't really paying attention to what she was trying to say. You were too busy pandering to your own prejudices about her.

Next time, read the words more attentively.

Personally, I agree with her. Celebrating mediocrity is pretty sad.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Sun 02-Dec-12 09:51:39

How on earth do you know they are 'pompously trumpeting'?

If Xenia felt she had been misconstrued, she's had plenty of time to say so.

Umeboshi Sat 01-Dec-12 19:08:34

I think Xenia's post got slightly misconstrued. She was criticising the schools for pompously trumpeting mediocre results. Perhaps she has a point. I know that my son's old comprehensive got very few A*s for its pupils and the reason was the teachers were struggling to shout over the children. The bright children at the school were not being well served.

Toughasoldboots Mon 26-Nov-12 15:05:44

Absolutely bulletpoint it is mortifying.

Lemonsole Mon 26-Nov-12 15:01:56

I do like the past tense "mail shat". It depicts meaning in, oh, so many ways. grin

iseenodust Mon 26-Nov-12 14:58:36

grin at TheOrigSN

Abra1d Mon 26-Nov-12 13:45:14

At my son's school Further Maths papers are referred to as 'Asian Maths' because of the high concentration of boys from China in particular who sit them and excel in them.

bulletpoint Mon 26-Nov-12 13:38:47

Greythorne said ^Xenia
Yes, silly state schools. They take everybody. All children in catchment. The bright ones. The not so bright ones. The ones with learning difficulties. The ones with absent parents. Or parents working two minimum wage jobs to stay afloat. So amusing of them to highlight their modest exam successes.

How the private school parents with £20k a year per child to spare, plus a bright child who is academically able must giggle.^

Absolutely! I dont think private school parents are giggling at all, Xenia is just ghastly and her arrogance knows no bounds, ridiculous woman!

TheOriginalSteamingNit Mon 26-Nov-12 12:56:45

I think the past tense in this instance might be 'mail shat'.

OhDearConfused Mon 26-Nov-12 10:05:20

Unless there is "informed consent", there is a clear breach of data protection law - the point ha been made above already.

However, I do not think that consent obtained in the Ts and Cs of the contract (signed at the beginning of year 7, or whatever entry point is applicable) does the trick. They would need to ask at the time of the mailing to include children's results. By then, they would ask the children who would be clearly of an age to give informed consent.

CaseyShraeger Sun 25-Nov-12 23:09:24

I got this. I was a bit surprised, but thought I was special <pouts>. I may have the mailshot still lying around somewhere if those feeling left out would like a copy (although TBH that sounds like a far more selective group).

Jajas Sun 25-Nov-12 22:51:49

I didn't get one either despite shopping prodigiously at JB's for years.

I used to get a flier in Horse and Hound when I subscribed.

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