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extra learning/intensive learning does it really work?

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mam29 Thu 22-Nov-12 10:33:34

My freinds dd is year 6 and behind she gets frustrated as she hates school work.I think shes considering explore learning or kumon as sats I think are may but would it be enough time?
I have no idea of his levels.

We ourselves looked at explore learning last year when dd was struggling in year 1 with maths. They boasted they could increase a childs performance by 1year in 6months!
That was going 2hours a week I think 8hours a month.

we decided not too as think levels can be very subjective and they may be levelling her above what school teacher would to make themselves look good.

Spoke to one lady who tried kumon for her son but got the impressions thats more a longterm thing more so than quick fix and so different to what they do in school.

For our dd we do maths factor for mathshoping exta 30mins a day will help boost her confidence.

Reading issue is fluency so aim is to read 1book a day wide variety and hopefully by end of year she be a better more confident reader.

I remember from my school days last min cramming for gcses had mixed results.

Has anyone tried a little extra and changed how child does at school?

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