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Newcastle Central High School - Juniors

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year2mum Mon 19-Nov-12 20:29:01

Hi - Thinking of sending my 8 year old DD to this school next september to start in Year 5. Do any mumsnet mums send their daughters to this school and could you give me any information on extra costs in addition to the monthy fees. Any info about the school would also be appreciated. Thanks.

newcastle1 Tue 20-Nov-12 14:58:17

Have you had a look around the school ? if not then make sure you do.

DD went there for a few years whilst we lived in the area and it was fantastic for her. So many sporting opportunities and academically high achieving as well as supporting. I loved the idea that DD could ask questions in maths and science without feeling awkward which sometimes happens in mixed schools. So much so, she;s hopefully looking at A's in all 3 sciences and maths next summer.

all DDs friends were lovely and from all sorts of backgrounds and a lot of different ethnic backgrounds which wouldnt have happened at her local village school.

The uniform is ££ as is most schools but there is no pressure to go on extracurricular trips like skiing etc, infact they are not open to every year so not a biggy. They do have quite a few netball / hockey trips to south africa etc which I am a bit hmm about.

its a girls school, and like on here when there are a lot of women together there is quite a lot of bitching going on, you've not got the right bag, shoes, jack wills hoody etc but luckily we were never involved in that.

RGS was never an option for us as they only took girls recently, but when we looked round central I knew it was right for her.

Hope this helps

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