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Help with writing a letter to the HT

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Sparrow8 Mon 12-Nov-12 16:46:46

Bit of background.... We now live in Australia and dd (yr4) moved schools about 6 weeks ago. The school year finishes in December and starts in Feb. She has settled in great and has made some nice friends, one in particular is her 'best friend'.

In our part of Australia, the kids are mixed up every year, they don't move up the school in the same class. As she has really only just settled in and made friends, I spoke to her teacher about Dd being in the same class as her best friend next year. Teacher agreed and thinks it would be good for both of them to be together. He has seen positive changes in the other child and thinks the friendship is good for both girls, they are both very bright and do not compete but push each other. They are both on the extension program. Teacher recommended that I write a letter to the HT as they have final say over classes and could possibly overrule him if they have another letter from 'Johnny's mum' making a request.

Please help because I just don't know what to write!!! Any suggestions greatly appreciated! He said to focus on the academic benefits of them being together as well as social.


lljkk Mon 12-Nov-12 18:01:10

Cut and paste exactly what you wrote here & address to the HT.

Sparrow8 Mon 12-Nov-12 23:41:22

Thanks lljkk. Wasn't sure I should put in the letter that I had spoken to teacher though?

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