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quick question about eleven plus

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robinw Sun 04-Jan-04 04:02:11

message withdrawn

Festivefly Sun 04-Jan-04 04:07:42

What does dd say?????????

robinw Sun 04-Jan-04 09:40:03

message withdrawn

tallulah Sun 04-Jan-04 11:14:10

Just asked my DS who took it last year. He says no calculators allowed.

Have you done all the practice papers with her? If she isn't getting the practice at school she'll need to do them at home. All the others will have spend ages doing them in class.

JanH Sun 04-Jan-04 11:32:09

No calculators at ds2's exam last month (not 11+ as such, just entrance exam for grammar school). Wouldn't help with fractions anyway.

robinw Sun 04-Jan-04 11:36:30

message withdrawn

popsycal Sun 04-Jan-04 16:16:21

perhaps they will have a calculator and non-calculaotr paper?
For what its worth, I teach my y6s both ways.....level 5 pupils should be able to do both...which I expect your dd will be if applying to grammar school...

crystaltips Sun 04-Jan-04 16:27:37

No calculators allowed.
But the way we sorted out this sort of problem was .... using your example - draw 2 oranges on a piece of paper. Then divide one into 7 and the other into 3. Shade in 2 of the 7 segments and then shade in 1 of the 3 segments ..... which one looks the biggest ... ?

SoupDragon Sun 04-Jan-04 16:43:34

It's easier to convert them to the same denominator. eg in this case 3 x 7 = 21. So, 1/3 is 7/21 (multiply top and bottom by 7) and 2/7 = 6/21 (multiply top and bottom by 3). 1/3 is therefore bigger than 2/7. It could be difficult to judge that extra 1/21 on a drawing.

But you probably knew this anyway

Robinw, I thought your daughter was too young to worry about the 11+ just yet? Having said that, I remember doing practice papers a while before taking the 11+

crystaltips Sun 04-Jan-04 16:45:03

Now you are showing me up Soupie

popsycal Sun 04-Jan-04 16:53:02

supdragon - thats how i would teach it - change fractions to the same denominator...
robinw - go on key stage two revisewise website...excellent interactive practice...
can suggest other 'fun' ways to practice - let me know if you want to know

charlize Sun 04-Jan-04 17:32:26

Iam going through the same as you Robinw but my ds has his in a few weeks!!
He is not allowed a calculator and Iam glad of this as he does most calcuations in his head.
We have been doing practice papers for a few mths now but with the english and verbal reasoning I wish I had started like 12 mths ago.
It never occured to me but i have since found out that a few of the brightest have been having tuition for that lengh of time.
The situation in our school is it is a competion with the top 3 winning scholarships.

robinw Mon 05-Jan-04 06:44:03

message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 05-Jan-04 07:52:50

My mum used to do practise stuff for the 11 plus with me (obviously this was in the days before computers and the internet!!). I used to thoroughly enjoy them

For some reason RobinW, I thought your daughter was about 3 years too young to be taking the 11+!

robinw Tue 06-Jan-04 07:00:47

message withdrawn

tallulah Tue 06-Jan-04 17:57:51

robinw, you can buy the papers in WHSmith. They do separate packs for maths, English, Verbal & non-verbal reasoning. As you've got a year it would pay to do a small amount of regular practice.

popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 18:18:59

a company called cgp also do test papers
lots of our children have the other books that hey publish - very good too
here is the site

popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 18:21:36

scroll about two thirds of the the way down this list
the publisher is cgp books
we use them for sats revision guides and the kids find them very useful
test papers for 11+
in the first sub-section of key stage 2

JanH Tue 06-Jan-04 20:06:41

popsy, ds1 has these maths books for GCSE Higher level - the school supplies them at cost. In fact having seen the website he's just asked me to order revision books for Chemistry, Biology, History, Geog and German - you should get commission!

popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 20:12:48

jan they are brilliant - would thourghly recommend them...i send them a big order evey year from our parents...and i dont get commission either"!!

popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 20:13:18

they are v cheap aswell, and if you can persuade your school to order them, you get them even cheaper!

JanH Tue 06-Jan-04 21:05:50

I've just ordered them direct, popsy - discovered when I got to the 4th that you get 30% off for 5 or more, and I wanted 8 anyway (including 3 of the Killer Exam Tips). Still dearer than going through school but they only get them routinely for Maths apparently (and ds1's Tech teacher has some they can borrow.)

robinw Wed 07-Jan-04 05:06:39

message withdrawn

hmb Wed 07-Jan-04 07:18:53

If all else fails the CPG books are for sale from Amazon. We use CPG in school for KS3 and KS4. I've downloaded some free 'tasters from their website for KS1 and 2 for dd to have a go at during the christmas holiday. Have you also had a look at the BBC revision website, they do some stuff for KS2. These are not for the 11 + , but they are fun and well structured and might be some use to you. Web site is

popsycal Wed 07-Jan-04 17:23:01

robin - if each paretn pays 50p extra the school have nothing to do.....cgp will sort and wrap individual orders...50p is less than the saving you will make by buying just one book through scholl...may be worth a try!!

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