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Moving house just before starting reception

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MissHairspray Mon 29-Oct-12 19:49:11

Our house is on the market and it's looking increasingly unlikely that we will be moved before we choose a primary school for my eldest dc. We aren't likely to move too far, if we get a place in our current catchment area school then move, say, in the summer, I know I would have to put dc on the waiting list for the new local school, but would I also loose the place at our (current ) catchment school? Really worried we might end up with neither and sent miles away

harryhausen Mon 29-Oct-12 20:38:18

Someone may correct me as it was a while ago I applied for reception places, but I'm pretty sure you can apply for a school place where you currently are - then as you're in the process of moving, put her on a waiting list for the new school. You won't loose the old place until you say your officially moving schools.

I moved house when I was applying for reception places. As it turned out we managed to move quickly and I ended up turning down the offer for the 'old' school and got into the new one.

It'll be fine. Lots of people do it x

MissHairspray Mon 29-Oct-12 20:56:32

Thanks for replying I know it must be pretty common, I just hate the the idea of too much disruption for dc1, or paying a premium to live next to excellent schools and then not being able to get a place at any of them!

harryhausen Mon 29-Oct-12 21:55:08

Yes, that must be a bit of a worry, but even if it does happen that you'd have to wait for a place at your nearby excellent school, I'm sure it wouldn't be for long. Your dd will cope fine with it. My eldest is now in y3 and a few children have gone and come well after the reception year. All the children have settled in fine and the rest if the children can hardly remember they weren't there at the very start.
Try not too worry yourself too much. You're doing all the right things. It will be really ok in the end x

prh47bridge Mon 29-Oct-12 23:06:02

Once you have accepted an offer they cannot take the place away from you just because you move. Indeed, if you are happy with the offered school and the distance isn't a problem you won't need to apply for a place at the new local school at all. Your biggest problem will be if you move before offers come out as they may then treat you as a late applicant, putting you at the back of the queue for the initial allocations.

MissHairspray Tue 30-Oct-12 20:16:02

Thanks for your replies, trying not to fret too much, it isn't a disaster if he ends up going to our current local school but would be nice if he could be next to where we live - wherever that might be.

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