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Private Schools in East Devon

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Piggy2012 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:13:30

Not sure this is the right place to post this but need some advice on private schools in East Devon. My son has APD and went to a local primary school which was a total disaster and due to dreadful bullying ended up with police protection for a short time. In what I believed to be his best interests and safety, I sent him to live in Devon with my parents and attend the small secondary school there. This has proved to be the wrong move as they had no idea what APD, change staff so much it is unreal and he is now 4 years behind his chronicalogical age even though his IQ is in the top 10% and he entered the school only 8 months behind. I withdrew him from the school and brought him back to Surrey but the local authority took over a year to find him a safe school (they did know the problems but chose to ignore them) but he hates it, hates the size, has no idea what is going on in school etc etc and pressure is being put on him with regards to controlled assessments and other exam related issues which are irrelevant at the moment. On the advice of the EP I am now looking for a private school but I would like to relocate to East Devon, near my parents in Sidmouth and would appreciate any advice or information on schools. I am paying myself and have started a new business to pay for all of this so advice on running a business would help too!!

Barneymcgruber Wed 24-Oct-12 21:52:15

Hi Piggy2012,

We live in East Devon and yesterday we went to a fantastic school in Sidmouth St Johns they had an open day and they have a fantastic ethos and great atmosphere, children very happy. Have a look online all fees are there, they are also very supportive to children.
Hope you find the right place x

Piggy2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 11:29:12

Thanks Barneymcgruber, my parents live in Sidmouth so will contact them for a look see, shame I could not do the open day sad

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