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Schools in Guernsey??

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Cloverhoney Wed 24-Oct-12 09:03:30

Is anyone on here living in Guernsey? We're thinking about moving there. I need advice on primary schools. Independent and state. We've looked at Monkey Puzzle & Elizabeth College. Struggling with making a decision!

BlueMoon1084 Thu 25-Oct-12 00:15:00

In terms of state schools I would definitely look at St Martin's and Forest. I don't have much recent experience of any of the other State primaries. Most of the boys in my family did go to Beechwood (the primary section of Elizabeth College) and seem to have been quite happy there.

In terms of the education system itself, it is very different to the UK. Firstly, unless you opt for one of the private schools, the primary or secondary school you will go to is the one you live in the catchment area for. There is no preference system like in England. I believe you can apply for an out of catchment place but you will only be given one if the year you are applying for is not full.

Secondly, the 11+ operates on an opt out system. All year 6 children in state schools will take the 11+ unless you choose to withdraw them. This will decide whether your child gets a place at the Grammar School, a fully funded place in one of the private schools or a place at your catchment secondary.

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