Should girls be allowed to wear trousers for school uniform? Do yours?

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Legacy Mon 27-Mar-06 13:34:09

Prompted by the 'school council' thread - just wanted to get some feedback & thoughts here.

The girls at our infant school have requested to be able to wear smart school trousers as part of uninform, and the parents have been asked their opinion.

I don't see why not, so long as they're proper 'uniform' ones?

Anyone feel strongly opposed to the trousers for girls thing. If so, why? What haven't I considered.

I wear trousers nearly all the time myself, so it would be a bit hypocritical for me to say no!

Tinker Mon 27-Mar-06 13:35:37

Yes and yes to thread title

cece Mon 27-Mar-06 13:35:38

Definite YES.

My dd's school are allowed but for some bizarre reason she prefers skirts. GRrrrrrrrr

desperateSCOUSEwife Mon 27-Mar-06 13:36:25

legacy my dd3 high school is all girls
and they can wear trousers if they want too
have no objections

jmum6 Mon 27-Mar-06 13:36:33

Yes especially in winter when it's cold

foxinsocks Mon 27-Mar-06 13:36:43

dd wears them for school - especially in the winter term

there are some mums who don't like them and don't let their girls wear them

Senoracod Mon 27-Mar-06 13:36:49

why not
id nto send my kdis to one that s aid no

PiccadillyCircus Mon 27-Mar-06 13:36:53

Yes they should be able to.

Hulababy Mon 27-Mar-06 13:36:58

Yes, if that is what everyone primarily wants. But keep skirts as optional too. And stipulate style/colour of trousers if you want to keep the uniform part going.

brimfull Mon 27-Mar-06 13:37:08

yes to both

iota Mon 27-Mar-06 13:37:50

school trousers for girls very popular around here - all the schoolwear retailers ( Tesco, BHS, M&S, Asda,etc) sell them.

Calista Mon 27-Mar-06 13:38:26

Of course they should. V sexist and old fashioned of any school to insist that they wear skirts IMO.

Fimbo Mon 27-Mar-06 13:39:17

The girls at my dd's school wear trousers. My dd will only wear trousers in the winter time as I refuse to let her go to school with a skirt and ankle socks (she hates tights and she is so skinny long socks fall down).

SueW Mon 27-Mar-06 13:41:35

DD's school doesn't allow trousers for girls. I don't mind; neither does she.

At senior level I wish they would intro it. It might stop some of the girls walking round with skirts like belts. As soon as they move to 6th form and have to wear suits, almost all the girls wear trouser suits.

Feistybird Mon 27-Mar-06 13:42:22

I can't believe this is a genuine the OP from outside UK?

lionhearted Mon 27-Mar-06 13:49:45

isn't there an EU ruling on this?

Polgara2 Mon 27-Mar-06 13:50:03

Our primary school doesn't allow trousers for girls and I wish they would. Much warmer in winter and less chance of getting multiple holes in them with frequent falling over!!

sandyballs Mon 27-Mar-06 13:53:23

I don't like seeing school girls in trousers, but I've no idea why. Can't explain it. My DD's school do allow it but they have never asked to wear them.

Auntymandy Mon 27-Mar-06 13:54:32

our school allows trousers

Blu Mon 27-Mar-06 13:54:54

I think girls should be encouraged to wear trousers rather than skirts to school. Far more practical and liberating for playground games, climbing etc.
I watched a little girl on a climbing frame yesterday - she kept putting her foot on her skirt every time she tried to make a big step up to another rung.
In a mixed school having your knickers potentially on show is a big deal for an 11 year old.

Feistybird Mon 27-Mar-06 13:56:09

Makes me aghast when I see the boys at the Montessori school in shorts. Shorst fgs - 3 degrees and shorts.


dinosaure Mon 27-Mar-06 13:56:15

Definitely YES.

We had a sit-in in the gym when I was at secondary school in protest at the prohibition on girls wearing trousers. We won, as well .

motherinferior Mon 27-Mar-06 13:57:22

Nice to see you, Din

At DD1's non-uniform school most of them wear trousers most of the time.

granarybeck Mon 27-Mar-06 13:58:10

I'm surprised there are still schools that only allow boys to wear trousers. I wear trousers to work most days. They are also much warmer in winter and easier than tights for PE days.

hellywobs Mon 27-Mar-06 13:59:35

Of course they should. I wear trousers at work!! I can't believe it's even up for debate - as long as they are smart and suitable for school.

My roommate at work says her 9 yr old ds has to wear shorts (even in winter) until he's 11 because it's school policy (private school) - very silly in my view, wouldn't send my ds there.

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