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East Berks/South Bucks - preps for girls

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DachsandPup Sat 13-Oct-12 21:14:48

Looking for a school for DD - ideally nursery/pre-prep and prep on same site to send DD to when she is 3.

On paper Godstowe ticks all the boxes as we want to send her to Wycombe Abbey or similar for senior and we thought decision made.

However, we went to the Godstowe open day earlier and although the prep seemed ok, the early years provision really really didn't have the vibe we wanted. We just really didn't like it. No specific concerns, it just didn't feel either workwise or pastorally the right kind of environment. We weren't blown away by the prep section either - it all just seemed a bit disorganised and like it was resting on its laurels a bit.

We've also been to the Abbey Junior in Reading and we loved the feel of it, but we're really after something that is a prep school geared up to teach common entrance rather than an exam for its own senior school.

So, does anyone have any other suggestions?

We are currently closer to Reading than Bucks but can move as long as we end up somewhere with a reasonable London commute.

EBDTeacher Sat 13-Oct-12 21:48:09

Are you set on all girls?

If so there is Upton House or Eton End in Windsor. Both looked nice to me, if a little sheltered (went to look at the pre-preps for DS but decided on a more 'country' co-ed).

Highfield in Maidenhead used to have a good rep but it seems to have fallen from grace a little.

There are often debates on here about the South Bucks girls' schools (Highmarch, Maltman's etc) and there seems to be something for all tastes in that area.

DachsandPup Sat 13-Oct-12 22:01:43

Not set on all girls, just want to make sure wherever we send her has good exit stats for girls as well as boys - Wycombe Abbey/Downe House/CLC.

We are going to look at Maltman's Green and HM at their spring open days as the timings didn't work out for their Autumn ones, but we are registered at both.

Highfield looked nice on paper pastorally but not with exit stats on paper, although I guess it's worth visiting! smile

Will look at the Windsor options - thanks

Honestyisbest Sat 13-Oct-12 22:03:39

Ooh that's a tricky one. Godstowe is ideal for WAS. As the previous poster suggested I'd look at Maltman's. And do bear in mind that 11 plus CE is not too hard to prepare for outside of school so you can go to any decent primary/prep and then prepare her for CE if you still stick with your plan for your DD. The main hurdle with schools like WAS is their own entry tests prior to CE which you can't really prepare for IMHO.

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