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Sixth forms / colleges, Esher?richmond?Kingston ? St Francis Xavierany others S

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Selina Wed 26-Sep-12 16:00:44

Does anyone have any advice please ?
My daughter is 3 weeks into Year 11 and I have just found out we should have applied by last Sunday for Esher for a levels . I had no idea. My DD doesn't even know what a levels she wants to do other than Art. She really wants to leave and do beauty therapy, , so I am encouraging her to do a levels, but they may not actually be any use to her...yet .
So, I don't want her to stay at her state boarding school as it is costing me a lot and she may as well go to a state day school/sixth form , as the A levels are not needed for beauty.We think it would be useful to have them in case she changes her mind later about further education and she agrees. She is inclined to follow the pack and coast and drag her feet, so I don't want her going somewhere where she will do that and Esher looked perfect.I am gutted. These are my other options.Does anyone know about them ? please help asap many thanks .
the a levels she wants to do definitely is Art , and possibly english/ pe ....

happilyconfused Mon 01-Oct-12 22:30:29

Esher doesnt do Hair and Beauty courses. For those sorts of courses you should consider Kingston that has a wide range or Brooklands. At Kingston she could do a mix of hair and beauty and A levels.

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