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Primary schools in Ilkley (or general advice welcome!)

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Pochemuchka Tue 25-Sep-12 16:28:41

DD starts primary next September and I'm already expected to have some idea of what to do! Open days/evenings are all happening now.

Firstly, I have absolutely no idea what to look for/ask when we go so any suggestions are very much needed.

Secondly, I really like the look of one of the private schools in the area so can anyone tell me what I should be asking there (if it's different)?

Thirdly, does anyone know how bursaries work? How do the school decide whether or not to give you one? (I understand its income based but what would make the school decide to take on a non/reduced fee paying child?)
I will have 3 DC going to the same school so any savings would help!

If anyone has any knowledge of the local school that would help too. We're in catchment for all saints primary, ashlands primary, Ben rhydding primary and the private schools are Moorfield, ghyll royd and westville house.

Thanks in advance.

Pochemuchka Tue 25-Sep-12 18:57:28


Beanbagz Wed 26-Sep-12 11:59:11

I don't know anything about the schools in Ilkley other that my DCs went to an event at Ghyll Royd and it seemed very nice. I know that they all go up to 11 only so you might want to ask which senior schools their pupils go on to.

At the private school open days there will normally be children working in the classrooms so maybe ask them how they like the school? If you like the feel of any school (private or state) ask if you can go back and visit on a normal day.

3 DCs is going to cost you a small fortune in any case. Is this your oldest child starting school? I don't think you could expect a full bursary (no fees to pay at all) unless you had an exceptional child (or even 3 exceptional children) and no income/savings.

Are you planning on private senior school? Or is your hope that they'll go to Ilkley Grammar?

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