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TAlk to me about state secondaries in Redhill/Reigate/Caterham

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reallysayingsomething Mon 17-Sep-12 19:36:33

Hiya, as title says really. Are CofE so eligible for St Bedes but worried about size (2000+) for my academically average DD. Can anyone offer opinions on Bedes and others. Many many thanks. smile

123littlepigs Mon 17-Sep-12 22:34:46


reallysayingsomething Tue 18-Sep-12 16:08:41

Thanks little pigs. Must be posting on wrong board or there are no mners living in East Surrey. Damn!

Inaflap Thu 20-Sep-12 20:05:48

St bedes has always had the best reputation in the area but is now an academy and is very picky about admissions. Thet are over suscribed by nearly 300 pupils in my son's year. I couldn't make the open evening as I was at my own school's and so asked if I could be shown round (all other schools have parent walk rounds). You would have thought that I had asked for the earth at the unhelpful and sniffy response I got. I decided not to pursue it and am really happy with my choice and my son is doing really well and very happy at a local school south of Redhill. Pm me if you want details.

Lots of people think Royal Albert and Alexandra is good but I thought the headteacher was an arogant twit who is trying to market it as a private school, which it isn't. The pupils have to stay late and join activities the set up of which is badly run and they get tons of homework which is designed to keep the boarders occupied but soul destroying for day pupils. This is what I have gathered from someone with a bad experience but others might think it amazing. Reigate school has a good reputation but a limited catchment. The warwick went downhill but don't know what that is like now. Oxted is massive but a good reputation.

reallysayingsomething Fri 21-Sep-12 22:01:21

Thank you so much In a flap. I can guess to which school you are referring and have heard it is on the up! Glad your son is happy and thriving.

We attended the St Bede's open evening. The students all seemed bright and eager. However, I did not take to the insipid head. I was also rather concerned at the emphasis on the cheerleading squad. Trophy cabinets were not full of much else. DD keen netball and hockey player. Also felt it is more of an arty school and DD is more of a budding scientist. In contrast Warwick seems to be on the up. Head very impressive and it was not as bad as local reports would suggest. It is being considered

Very interested re the RAA feedback. I had heard nothing but glowing reports until recently. A neighbour is not particularly happy for reasons you listed. Not sure if Saturday am schooling is appealing either. Looking forward to the open morning next weekend. Gosh decisions decisions. confused

Inaflap Sat 22-Sep-12 12:50:28

Recommend son's school. He's gone from being near the bottom of the class for science at primary to top set in year8. Maths as well. Got a level 3 at primary because he panicked in the exam, now doing level 6 work and that is in a middle of the road set. Comms between school and home are reasonable and the behavior is good. Go on a walk round and see what you think. I know it isnt local to you but it would be good to compare. Results are now comparable with good surrey schools so should contine. Glad to hear warwick is on the up

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