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Withington Girls School Entrance Exams

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yummymumoftwoandanangel Tue 14-Aug-12 12:16:12

We have registered our 10 year old daughter to write the secondary school entrance exams in January 2013. Can anyone please recommend any private tutors who are specialised in this particular entrance exam? Thanks.

theonlywayiswgs Thu 20-Aug-15 11:53:16

Hi Sabah1978 - hopefully you're now happy with your decision to choose man high over Withington but just in case you have any lingering doubts I thought I'd add a comment:

I went to WGS and loved every minute but despite my username I'm not so one-sided in the WGS/man high debate. I have quite a few friends who went to man high and they're all doing really well several years on having studied at top universities and now have great jobs. I'm sure your daughter will be much happier for being allowed to choose the school she will be attending for 7 years! My parents gave me the choice and I've never regretted choosing WGS but I'm sure I'd have been equally happy at man high.

Good luck!

(Please forgive any grammatical/spelling errors as I am writing this on an iPhone while sunbathing!)

yummymumoftwoandanangel Tue 16-Jun-15 15:19:05

Congratulations to all the girls. Roll on September!

Wotsit123 Wed 15-Apr-15 19:25:45

Hi All
My friend has accepted a place with Withington but has changed her mind!!! Does anyone know whether the school is able to charge her for the first term's fees?

Wotsit123 Thu 19-Mar-15 06:39:01

Hey what did you guys all decide in the end?

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sun 15-Mar-15 16:20:35

Oops, sorry, missed the last page! Congratulations to your DDs smile

I'd always choose WGS, but am very biased. It is a nice size though (especially if you're moving from a small prep school), plenty of people but small enough to know everybody in your year and lots from other years.

Plenty of extra-curricular things too, and very good buildings and facilities.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sun 15-Mar-15 16:15:39

Shook, there are no scholarships - there's a bursary system but they don't have any results-based scholarships (because they expect you all to be fantastically academic). If your DD has done particularly well though, they'll probably have told her current HT.

Everybody waiting for post - can't you go to the post office first thing and collect it? That's what everybody used to do.

sabah1978 Thu 12-Mar-15 13:40:51

Has anyone with offer from Wgs put it's offer down ? Or was it only me? I feel really bad now as my friends said that It was a silly decision and that no one ever declines Wgs offer. confused

sabah1978 Thu 12-Mar-15 13:06:08

Hi all lovely ladies, last week has been very stressful as it bought the pleasing news of offers from all the schools we had applied i.e Wgs, Mghs and stockport grammar.As parents me and husband strictly wanted withington but dd wanted man high.she thought it was modern and all the activities seemed very inviting. Been very confused and had to chose man high. I personally think withington is all academic and ofcourse is matchless but man high teaches you more about practical life rather than only books and labs. What did others choose with lots of options . X

Wotsit123 Tue 03-Mar-15 22:22:14

Yes thanks dizzymum all good for us too! X
Congratulations to your daughter too!

Sammads123 Tue 03-Mar-15 22:10:20

Thanks I know how u feel 1dizzymum I did a pros n cons list it didn't really help me I've still not decided. Anyone who can advice or been through it in past any advice would helpful. I'm looking at oldham hulme or WGS because my daughter had already sed she found MHSG to big and a little daunting.

1Dizzymum Tue 03-Mar-15 22:05:00

My DD got offers from both MHSG and Withington. V proud of her!! Don't know what to do now. I am completely torn. I know WGS is much respected but I loved MHSG's warmth whilst also getting great academic results. Lots of thinking to do. Any mums out there with girls at either school feel free to chip in!
Congrats Sammads. Wotsit123 hope all came good for your DD too smile

Wotsit123 Tue 03-Mar-15 20:28:12

Well done Sammads. Hope everyone got what they wanted! X

Sammads123 Tue 03-Mar-15 17:06:40

Hi she's got an offer off place from everywheresmile I'm so proud off her. I don't know wat to do now?? She got oldham hulme grammar close to home and WGS which she's got her heart set on den MHSG plus Stockport. I don't know wat to do now.hmm

1Dizzymum Tue 03-Mar-15 08:44:46

Wotsit 123, yes today's the day. No email yesterday. Good luck to all. Getting on a plane shortly. I have no idea what news I will land to!

Wotsit123 Mon 02-Mar-15 22:48:11

Sammads I would wait to see if you have an offer from WGS. Then make your decision. There's no point worrying if she doesn't get an offer. You'll have put yourself through all the worry for nothing. There is a lot to be said for being close to your child's secondary school. Especially when you have to juggle two kids, job, after-school revision/activities. The ideal situation would always be them being able to walk to and from school. However, I think your daughter will get an amazing education from WGS. Let us know what happens tomorrow- I'm sure you'll make the right decision for your daughter.

Sammads123 Mon 02-Mar-15 22:30:23

Well I have already had my offer from the school near me oldham hulme grammar school which is where my son is but my daughters got her heart set on Withington but I just keep thinking about the travelling and drop off at 2 different schools. I'm very confused because I don't want to make wrong decision for my daughter. Any advice? That is she get an offer from Withington.

Wotsit123 Mon 02-Mar-15 18:20:08

Ha Sammads your smilie made me laugh -says it all!

Wotsit123 Mon 02-Mar-15 18:19:04

Thanks Dizzy mum. Looks like it's a letter tomorrow after all?

Sammads123 Mon 02-Mar-15 16:40:57

No nothing yet.confused

1Dizzymum Mon 02-Mar-15 16:33:48

Wotsit123 fingers crossed for MHSG too. Tomorrow in the post, fingers crossed!!!

1Dizzymum Mon 02-Mar-15 16:32:30

No, nothing. And I'll be flying when the post arrives tomorrow. arrrrgggh!!!

Wotsit123 Mon 02-Mar-15 15:01:13

Anyone had any news yet?

Sammads123 Mon 02-Mar-15 13:54:49

Thanks good luck to u guys too.

1Dizzymum Mon 02-Mar-15 13:20:16

Wow. Good info. Thanks Sammads. Good luck to you/your daughter smile

Sammads123 Mon 02-Mar-15 12:53:56

Hi 1dizzymum I think they are emailing us after 2:30 today. I hope lolwink

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