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Shepperton primary school: Saxon

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kahasu Sat 11-Aug-12 08:46:24

Hi, posted this in 'primary education' with no luck, so posting under this topic again.
I was wondering whether anyone knows much about the Saxon primary school in Shepperton? We are planning to move to Shepperton/Weybridge area and found a property that we like in Shepperton to which this is the closest school. Would you recommend this school?

stockportlass Sun 19-Aug-12 11:37:23

Used to have quite a bad reputation but new head has done amazing things and turned school around. You'll be lucky to get a place in any of the Shepperton schools as they are all really good. Is it for reception?

Morganfish Fri 24-Aug-12 08:58:09

Hi, I'm moving to shepperton in 9 weeks & have just been researching the schools! We're closest to St Nicholas CofE, then Ashley CofE, then Saxon so think we will request in that order (tho I like the look of Saxon the best)! Are they all ok tho? We don't know anyone there with children at school & can't visit yet due it being the holidays so other than going on each website we know nothing!!!
Many thanks

kahasu Thu 06-Sep-12 15:55:00

Thanks, stockportlass! (sorry for the delay, I'm new here and didnt realised i've had replies) Schools are the main reason we thinking are moving to Shepperton. Yes, it is for reception. DD is still 2, but we were thinking of moving anyway, so we thought better look at schools first.
Morganfish, I too liked Saxon the best, don't know why, just from the appearance. Ashley is in Walton and seems to be very popular, but seems hard to get in if you are not CofE. I have given up hopes for that since we are not even Christian. St Nicholas seems to be the hot favourite in Shepperton. And according to stockportlass, Saxon seems impressive.
Hope this helps!

luciadilammermoor Tue 11-Sep-12 16:52:19

I know it well, Saxon is a fantastic school now, the head and team are outstandingly committed and go above and beyond to support a love of learning in all the children. It is a more mixed social grouping than some others locally and I do like it all the more for that, real sense of celebration of the children and their achievements. SATs very good too, better than some CofE alternatives!

We moved to it several years ago now and the waiting lists after reception year are quite long now.

Open mornings are coming up soon so you could always have a look around and chat to the senior team?

Billythekidsmum Wed 12-Sep-12 17:47:33

Littleton is a fabulous small school, but sadly only goes up to year 2. (which is what makes it a lovely small school iyswim!)

MasterAdvisor Mon 23-Jun-14 14:09:25

Used to go there, was a great school full of good genuine people. However things have changed since Mrs. Davies has taken over. Yes she may have turned the school around, and i mean in offsted way. But none of the teachers can socialise with parents and children. it's all about numbers for Ofsted only. I would recommend now that you look into St. Nicholas primary school, which is also located in shepperton.
Hope this helped.

e-g-(Personal Experience)

new2014mum Sun 21-Sep-14 12:43:05

Couldn't disagree more, MasterAdvisor! Mrs. Davies hasn't taken over, she was always there and Mrs. McCarthy is still in charge overall and very much involved. Her office is based there. They do have high expectations about their teachers' understanding of professionalism but we've found them very warm and welcoming and keen to support parents. They really care about the children and are always looking to put on workshops to help parents understand what the children's work is about. I think some Open Mornings will be coming up soon and I would suggest people go and see for themselves.

Floraclare Tue 14-Oct-14 17:43:30

I'm just looking at Shepperton schools and was told recently that you get lots of homework at Saxon, compared to St Nicholas - not sure if this is true

I'm looking for the most nurturing, rather than the most academic focused school - does anyone have any opinion on the school with the most nurturing environment in Shepperton?

pennylane21 Mon 16-May-16 20:58:16

I think Saxon is a great school. Both my kids are there and yeah there is homework but It's getting them ready for secondary school and I want my kids to cope not have a shock. They do so much there and get to go swimming twice a year the whole way through. The pool needs some work but the kids love it especially my boy. I think all Shepperton schools are good but I've been really happy with my choice and I would choose it again. They have a really good music teacher too who runs choir and the childrens singing is amazing.

bingbonguk Tue 20-Dec-16 19:29:50

It's that time of year again and I'm sure many parents in Shepperton like me are trying to make the right decision about which primary school to send their children to.

From the open days, Saxon and St Nicholas both appear to be good schools but quite different in their styles. I am keen to understand, from parents with children at the schools at the moment, what they think of the schools.

We are not particularly religious parents and this is a big consideration for us in relation to St Nicholas.

Any comments/thoughts very welcome, the clock is ticking! xx

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