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Dreading going back to uni!!

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emz0909 Mon 06-Aug-12 22:16:42

im starting my 2nd year of uni september and my boyfriends sister will be looking after DS until i get back.
but im so anxious about it, im loosing sleep and i dont go back for another 4 weeks

the issue is, is she is in her 30's but doesnt have any children of her own.
she looks after neices/nephews but there at the age where they can say what they want ect.

i was fine leaving him with her until i did when he was 6 weeks and she rang me up and he was screaming in the background but it was a scream id never heard off him before
she was asking if he was hungry but was only fed like 2 hours ago and i said he wont need a feed.
she doesnt understand his cues like when hes hungry, tired ect and just constantly wants to hold him and he doesnt like it as hes nosey and likes to sit up or chill in his bouncer.

ive mentioned that she needs to spend more time with him so she knows how to settle him and when i said that she took it kind of offensivly

he will be around 16-20 weeks when i go back and im dreading it.

am i overeacting or?

help advice needed.

Lovelylace Fri 17-Aug-12 17:57:41

Crikey I can understand your worry, will she just look after him during the days or? And is it a 5 day a week course?
Sometimes needs must and I am sure that when she gets to spend a bit more time with him she will learn to understand his cues and his behaviour better. Good luck with it all.

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