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Burgess Hill School for Girls - By any remote chance are there any MNrs who know anything about it?

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mrspink27 Sat 04-Mar-06 22:54:04

Well thats it really.

Totally flummoxed by the whole choosing a school idea.... feel like a grown up should be making this decision!
Went for an open day today... seemed quite nice, not ideal as had dh and the 2 dds with me!

Just wondered if anyone was in that area and knew any more?

Thanks in advance.

lockets Sat 04-Mar-06 22:58:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrspink27 Sun 05-Mar-06 15:26:27


Hazellnut Sun 05-Mar-06 15:34:58

I too had friends there about the same time as Lockets and agree it was well thought of (in fact, IIRC, the person I knew was moved from our school to it as it was better and our school was always well thought of so it must have been good).

Weatherwax Sun 05-Mar-06 15:51:29

I have my two there, the teachers are fab. What would you like to know? What ages are your girls?

MABS Sun 05-Mar-06 16:34:33

Got lots of friends with girls there. Dd may go when she finishes prep. What do you want to know?

miggy Sun 05-Mar-06 16:59:22

dd wants to go there, she did the entrance test and got a place but for logistical reasons she will have to stay where she is at the moment but will def go at yr6 if not before. Waxwing could tell you more but it seems lovely if you have a girly studious type girl. Was really impressed by the small classes (even by local prep school standards) and the attitude of the teachers and pupils (we were looking at yr3/4 classes).
They dont have huge sports facilities compared to other local schools but they make use of burgess hills sports facilities ie local pool etc.
Good reputation locally for Drama/music
Oh and DD and I were both impressed by the dining room/food!

miggy Sun 05-Mar-06 17:00:25

sorry weatherwax-Dh ardent birder and had waxwing on the brain!

mrspink27 Sun 05-Mar-06 19:07:17

Weatherwax - so many questions!!!! my dds are due to start in september 06 and september 08. dd1 looking like she might be quite bright, so we would like stimulating and motivating without being pushy! she is already reading and amazes us every day with bits of information she has gleaned from anywhere she can! Are there any young staff as the staff we met in the infant department all seemed a bit uninspiring? How far away do people travel from. we are 40 minutes north and socially wonder how ideal that is?
I could go on! hows that for starters???

Weatherwax Sun 05-Mar-06 19:31:17

I'm afraid I'm a bit busy this evening so I'll try to write a longer reply tomorrow. dd1 is in year 3 and dd2 is in reception. The atmosphere in the infants is very cuddly and caring. I would say the youngest member of the team must be the new PE teacher who is quite inspiring and the nursery teacher who runs the infants after school club. My dd2 likes to go to the afterschool club whilst dd1 does french club and a multi sports club.

I'll write more tomorrow but bath beckons. I will say that you have to think about the school day as classes start at 8.30 amand they are supposed to be in the playground before then.

mrspink27 Sun 05-Mar-06 20:09:24

thanks in advance, you can email me if its easier. mrspink72 at

Weatherwax Mon 06-Mar-06 10:50:28

Hi there

I would say the school would match your stimulating and motivating requirements and the teachers are more than ready to talk about any problems. The girs are all amazingly well behaved and fall quiet at apprpriate times and from the slightest hand signal from the head. I'm making Miss Fulleylove seem like a dragon, she is the oposite and always happy to talk and she knows the girls so well. Its the way so many of the staff know the junior school parents by name that slightly unnerves me!

I would say that dd1 went into school being able to read very well and we had difficulty persuading the teachers to give her books at her reading level. Each year they needed to be convinced that she actually understands what she reads but by the end of the year they become convinced. I would say that I feel her reading has had the first positive input from the teacher. I do love her teacher this year. I let dd2 go into reception class with the same teacher that dd1 had and my belief that she was a great teacher of reading at the lower end has proved correct. dd2 has gone from just recognising most letters and the odd word to reading to me the reading book she is supposed to read each night and the reading book that I am supposed to read to her!

The new PE teacher is a very positive plus. She understands how to motivate the less able (like dd1) and talked to me last time we had a consultation about stting the goalposts at the appropriate level for each child. I'm going to see her again on 28th and I'll see what she says this time.

Weatherwax Mon 06-Mar-06 11:18:03

You no doubt saw lots of building works when you came round. They have already started on the 6th form extention and the building of a new tennis court. Then they will build a new infant and nursery building, new sports hall, science rooms. Lots and lots of work. The sports hall need was the one negative point on the last inspection report. They will still have to use the triangle for swimming though. This has its pluses because they get the lesure centre staff to help with the swimming coaching. swimming starts in year 1 I think.

Looking at my daughters year I think the furthest one comes from uckfield and I would say her mum comes to most of the Friends of the school events and gets involved with things at school. I think you are very brave to consider a 2x40 minute journey each day.

Anyway dd1 loves the school and gets very upset if she is too ill to go in because she doesn't want to miss it.

Well I've run out of steam, do let me know if you want me to let you know anything else. (yes my daughter can spell better than I can)

CountessDracula Mon 06-Mar-06 11:23:28

My niece went there, my sil was very pleased with it but I think niece found it rather narrow socially, having come from a London primary school. She left at 16 and did her A levels at a sixth form.

mrspink27 Mon 06-Mar-06 14:52:19

Thanks so much Weatherwax, thats a really good starting point for us. It did alarm me slightly when the Y2 teacher told us that they try and tailor things for the girls and so instead of making go karts for axles they make prams!!!!!!! I loved a Y6 teacher we met and quite a young looking Y3 teacher, but the yR and Y1 teacher didnt impress me, When is the building work due for completion?

Weatherwax Mon 06-Mar-06 20:54:56

The pram is from a cardboard box with wheels and the girls personal touches. I had one decorating my living room for half a year and then it disappesred. The Year 3 teacher was probably Miss North the lady who knows how to deal with my over emotional,disorganised book worm.

I don't know how long the building work will take, I might go in and ask at the next friends of the school meeting or possibly before

mrspink27 Mon 06-Mar-06 21:40:37

Going to see some others in the next week or so , but will let you know what we decide.... in the meantime if anyone else has any other suggestions.... does the feeling that the schol is right really happen????

mrspink27 Mon 06-Mar-06 21:40:53

or schOOl even !!!

Weatherwax Tue 07-Mar-06 09:33:26

Sorry me again, I just wanted to say that from my first visit to BHS I felt it was the right place.

Good Luck with all the school visiting

alibubbles Tue 07-Mar-06 17:06:20

I had friends who went there 38 years ago, it was highly thought of then!

mrspink27 Thu 09-Mar-06 19:32:42

Starting to come round to the idea that a 40 minute drive each way might be a bit much.... but BHS is still up there as quite a contender... can we face moving????!!!!!

Cam Thu 09-Mar-06 22:14:49

mrsp, the school has a very good reputation academically, my dh has an office in BH and knows several parents who sent/send their girls there.

I don't know however that its so good that its worth moving for.I would also say to you that a 40 minute drive would be an impossible barrier for me. I have driven my dd 20 minutes to school for 7 years and that's really the upper limit IMHO to make it possible (remembering that you will have to get home again/go to work/shopping/etc) every morning, plus leave home/work/wherever in time to get there for the afternoon pickup.

Where are you living right now? Are there no schools nearer?

mrspink27 Thu 09-Mar-06 23:25:23

we are surrey/sussex borders, currently exhausting every prep/independent option possible!

Carol140 Sat 04-Feb-17 03:55:00

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BikeRunSki Sat 04-Feb-17 08:25:09

Ghost thread!!!!!!!!

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