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Looking for a Tutor for 7+exam.

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Estefa Thu 24-May-12 22:24:25

I wanted to ask if anybody knows a good Tutor for passing 7+exam of most Private schools.
I would welcome any recommendation

PooshTun Fri 25-May-12 10:24:40

Will I do? I can speed stack chairs and tidy desk tops extremely well. I am sure that I can effectively transfer these skills to your DC smile

Sorry for taking the piss Estefa.

Although we home tutored our kids for the 11+ we accepted that had we gone for the 13+ our DCs would have needed a profeesional tutor. But a tutor for 7+ ?

You are after recommendations as opposed to comments about your decision so I think that I'll bow out now.

yellowhouse Fri 25-May-12 12:50:33

You don't say where you are located?

LetsKateWin Fri 25-May-12 12:52:21

I know a tutor in north London...

Estefa Fri 25-May-12 13:48:40

Central London sorry

Mominatrix Fri 25-May-12 16:54:36

Which schools will your child be applying to?

Turniphead1 Sat 26-May-12 00:00:08

Is it 7+ for sept 13 ? In which case you may struggle. Although i would recommend North London Home Tutors in Muswell Hill.

CarrotsAreNotTheOnlyVegetables Mon 28-May-12 00:20:32

Please do not consider tutoring for the 7+. It is unnecessary and will only stress out your child.

At 7+ they look for potential rather than learning of hard facts. The schools will also be aware that children from state primaries may not have covered all the topics a pre prep covers and will judge the child accordingly. All the schools assessing at 7+ discourage tutoring and they are able to spot the tutored child a mile off. Choose a prep that is right for your child and they will be offered a place.

The best preparation for 7+ is a good night's sleep and reassurance from their parents that the assessment day is nothing to worry about.

Mominatrix Mon 28-May-12 06:25:21

Whilst I agree that schools are generally looking for potential, you would be doing your child no favours by allowing your child to go into the exam cold (for the very top selective preps, which is why I asked which schools you would be applying for).

It is not necessary to do intensive tutoring at this stage, but make sure that your child is familiar with timed testing and do practice exams. The top schools, and even the ones in the second tier) have gotten increasingly competitive, and pre-preps which used to send half their classes to these schools have seen these numbers decrease.

My son had the same potential at 7+ as he did at 8+ (i.e., predicted to fly through the top school exams), however he was unsuccessful at 7+ and accepted everywhere at 8+ simply due to exam practice. No need for intensive tutoring - we only prepped during the Christmas holiday period, but it was enough that he was comfortable with the exam setting and the timing.

PooshTun Mon 28-May-12 06:57:57

OP - There is a middle ground between doing nothing and being an obsessive tiger mom.

Schools don't expect a child to be heavily tutored and yes, schools will be watching out for stock answers. So get DC to think about questions like why does SHE want to go to that school? What achievement is SHE most proud of? etc etc. She will then have prepared answers which come across as natural answers because they will be her opinions as opposed to mum's.

Turniphead1 Mon 28-May-12 22:01:20

Carrots - I beg to differ. The HM of a top North London independent that takes. 7+ now says at his parents talk that he recommends that state school kids get tutored.

CarrotsAreNotTheOnlyVegetables Thu 31-May-12 09:14:42

Turniphead - lots of heads of top preps disagree with that HM - I have spoken to them, this is how I know.

Personally I would avoid that school. Maybe they are all like that in North London, I would move in that case.

I am in SW London/Surrey area. All the prep heads I have spoken to in this area have a completely different attitude, which I am thankful for.

gymboywalton Thu 31-May-12 09:16:59

this is so sad

7 year olds having to prepped for tests for super competitive schools

sad sad sad

CarrotsAreNotTheOnlyVegetables Thu 31-May-12 09:32:19

Gymboy - the sad thing is that it is not necessary and most of the prep schools don't like it.

Both my DCs got into well regarded preps at 7 without amy suggestion of the need for formal tutoring. It was the same story for most of their classmates.

PooshTun Thu 31-May-12 09:41:18

"this is so sad ... 7 year olds having to prepped for tests for super competitive schools"

I see nothing wrong in prepping a kid by asking the kid questions like - what would you say if the HM ask why you want to come to this school?

Do you really want your kid to answer - because you have cool outdoor toys smile Its like a job interview. Are you really going to wait to be asked why you want that job BEFORE you start to think of an answer?

gymboywalton Thu 31-May-12 09:53:08

"Its like a job interview. "

they are 7

because you have cool outdoor toys is EXACTLY the kind of answer i would want from a 7 year old yes-because they are 7

PooshTun Thu 31-May-12 10:02:13

"because you have cool outdoor toys is EXACTLY the kind of answer i would want from a 7 year old yes-because they are 7"

Well, if it was you sitting on the admissions panel of the OP's super competitive school then her kid will have no problems getting an offer.

Elibean Thu 31-May-12 12:37:28

But see, the OP didn't say 'super competitive' she said 'most Private schools'...

PooshTun Thu 31-May-12 17:40:16

The quote came from gym not the OP

Turniphead1 Thu 31-May-12 22:50:50

Carrots - (nice veg thing we have here grin ) - you are living in cloud cuckoo land if you think that parents in SW London/Surrey tutor any less at 6/7 than parents in North London.

The school I am referring to is not a Prep school however - it's a "through" school and that in many ways is why people are so competitive, in that getting in means no stress at 11 or 13. However, the tutor my DS goes to has many many children from pre-preps or preps that themselves run through til 13. So these parents are paying twice. We aren't that daft.

Yes - of course the HMs to whom you speak with say that. But the reality will be something different.

For me, tutoring at 3 is bonkers (but people do it, sadly). Tutoring at 7 is just getting good practice at doing the type of papers they will have to do at the exam. I'd do it myself, but my kids rail at stuff like that from me, but happily do it for a nice lady who gives them a lollipop at the end of the hour.

CarrotsAreNotTheOnlyVegetables Fri 01-Jun-12 09:29:31

I know they do Turnip (crikey, I've seen plenty of hysterical parents around here, I know they aren't confined to N London! grin)but from what I see it is of absolutely no use in securing school places at 7, and in several cases has definitely done the child harm.

Plenty of tutored children not getting places and plenty of untutored getting into the schools the tutored nervous wrecks failed to get in.

I know these parents love their kids and only want the best for them. Many of them are good friends. The sad thing is that the formal tutoring and pressure at 7 does not help their kids sail into the "top" schools. It just stresses the kids out and makes them worry about the whole process so they cannot relax and be themselves. Not what they want for their DCs at all, I am sure.

By the way, I see no harm in chatting through the process with DCs so they know what to expect, just keep it low key. I told my DCs the day was for them to see if they liked the school and to try out some of the work they do. Worked fine for them, they just relaxed and got on with it.

LynneJ1979 Thu 07-Jun-12 11:03:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CarrotsAreNotTheOnlyVegetables Thu 07-Jun-12 22:39:14

Lynne, the tutor didn't win the places, the DCs actually did that.

When it comes down to it, it is what is inside the heads of the DCs who actually take the exams and the hard work THEY put in that gets them the places.

Tutors would have you think otherwise, but of course they have no reason to mislead you at all, have they? hmm

GirlsInWhiteDresses Thu 07-Jun-12 22:44:39

Turniphead - which school is the HM from? Is it one of the girls super-selective private schools? Feel free to message me of you don't want to put it here. Thanks!

mumteacher Fri 08-Jun-12 00:25:07

Seriously wondering how useful some of the posts on this thread are in helping answer the original question?!

It asks for a recommendation.

I'm a tutor but sorry can't help all my classes are full plus I'm in north London.

Good luck with your search.

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