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BBC Muzzy worth the money?

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albatros Sat 18-Feb-06 22:29:42

My dd1 is five and I would like to start teaching her a foriegn language. French is my prefered choice as I have a basic knowledge of it, though dp would like Italian. Have any of you tried the muzzy language courses the bbc sell if so are there a good introduction and worth the £160 for the course?

albatros Sun 19-Feb-06 10:18:34

Anyone ?

Flowertop Sun 19-Feb-06 10:32:29

Hi albatros, must say I was very excited about getting the Spanish Muzzy course even though thought it was quite expensive. I have found that my kids only like to watch the English version of the story which actually defeats the object of the purchase. If I try to put on the Spanish version I am met with very negative attitiudes. So I would say in our case it has not been worth buying but sure you will find someone on here who likes it. XX

albatros Sun 19-Feb-06 10:45:55

Thanks Flowertop it is alot of money to spend if the kids don't benefit from it. I have tried finding a cheaper one but they still reach near to their retail price on ebay

albatros Sun 19-Feb-06 17:23:46

Anyone else ?

SqueakyCat Sun 19-Feb-06 19:00:32

There have been previous threads on this - I think the consensus was that most people thought they were rather expesive. I think there were other ideas or programmes mentioned - worth doing a search on 'muzzy' perhaps?

geogteach Sun 19-Feb-06 19:18:14

Haven't tried them but have you thought about a class? DS1 (5) has been doing spanish for about 18 months (MIL is spanish) and I am frightened by how much he knows from one hour a fortnight in term time - he is certainly better than me and DD has picked up quite a lot from him too.

GeorginaA Sun 19-Feb-06 19:35:50

I've got the Spanish Muzzy and was very disappointed, especially for the cost. Ds1 (and ds2 for that matter at only 21 months!) has learned far more spanish from Dora the Explorer than anything on Muzzy.

If you could get it ultra cheap from Ebay, then go for it, definitely not worth full price though.

laurenhannah Sun 19-Feb-06 19:41:07

My mum bought levels 1 and 2 french for DD1 who is 6, it is very expensive and although she has picked up some French from the CDRom she also prefers to watch the programmes in english and needs to be encouraged to watch the French version. I think they are grossly over priced and would not recommend unless you could buy them second hand.

albatros Sun 19-Feb-06 19:51:50

Thanks everyone who have helped me come to the decission not to buy this. It does seem rather expensive and though I am prepared to pay if it would assist in learning a language I think from all the comments my money would be better spent in other ways
geogteach I don't know of any classes in my area that are not aimmed at secondary school / adult level but I will look into it

Orinoco Sun 19-Feb-06 19:59:58

Message withdrawn

geogteach Mon 20-Feb-06 16:17:39

Do you have a local 'grapevine' or equivalent magazine, you can get them free at libraries. Ours was listed in there but Spanish is unusual there are loads of french, the course is a franchise I think ' club espanol', there are loads of 'club francias'.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 26-Jul-08 21:29:14

Message withdrawn

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