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St Christopher's school letchworth

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Vonbone Sat 24-Mar-12 16:15:01

We currently have our sons in a prep school in potters bar and considering moving them to st christ In letchworth, what are people's experiences of this school, don't want my sons surrounded by un focused children and really hoping
The children who go there have like minded parents like me who just want the best education for my well rounded boys who are very creative
Any feedback would be good as they are already in a good school but isn't nessecially the right school for my boys

Fibilion Thu 01-Nov-12 19:03:35

My two go to St Chris in Letchworth, well my daughter has just left after her GCSE's (with excellent results) and my son is in year 7, so just joined seniors. My daughter has gone all through seniors and my son has been there since year 4, and they both absolutely love it. The juniors has such a lovely atmosphere. is tolerant, encouraging and very positive environment for the little ones.The seniors really encourages children's individuality and their self expression. What really makes St Chris kids stand out is the confidence they develop in themselves; they come out articulate, confident and intelligent young people who are tolerant of others. Sorry if I sound like I am waxing lyrical, but we just feel very lucky to have found such a unique school as St Chris - highly recommend it!

PenguinBear Thu 01-Nov-12 20:23:18

Agree with Fibilion. My DN is currently there and loves it. I have attended numerous events and it really is lovely! smile

iloveiphone5 Fri 02-Nov-12 01:19:51

I would have chosen it too (but for boarding) had it not been vegetarian, according to the website. Nothing against being vegetarians but my kids are pretty small for their age and need all the protein they can get! Pla feel free to enlighten me if the St C thing has changed now!

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