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Last minute places at top schools

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EdithWeston Sun 25-Nov-12 09:45:12

Places will be filled from the waiting list in those schools which have them. Westminster has enough boys on the waiting list that is is highly unlikely there will be unfilled places beyond them. Westminster reassesses its waiting list in about January-March in year 8 and makes further offers to capacity.

You can sometimes get onto the waiting list outside the normal pre-test arrangements, but the only families where I've known this happen have been new arrivals from overseas. Families who appear to have no major reason for not following the normal admissions process are rarely looked on favourably.

Keepthemagic Sun 25-Nov-12 09:39:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

singersgirl Thu 08-Mar-12 12:43:46

My son's at a similar school to W having got in at 11+, and another 11+ entrant left after a year because the family moved abroad. So you never know what will happen even at the most heavily oversubscribed schools.
I don't think they filled the place, though - probably just took one more into the senior school.

MollieO Thu 08-Mar-12 11:00:46

Colleger I would post on the Eleven Plus Forum independent schools section as there seems to be lots of people who know about Westminster and could probably advise you better than here.

MollieO Thu 08-Mar-12 10:10:15

Thanks. I will do as the registration fee is low too.

propatria Thu 08-Mar-12 10:09:28

Put his name down,I know a fair few that have been on the waiting list and got in,in fact I think the Radley list prob has more movement than any other list I know,lots of people put children on it as a knee jerk thing,they actually end up going elsewhere,lots of movement on the list when for example Eton and Harrow make offers.

Colleger Thu 08-Mar-12 10:03:13

I put my sons name on the Radley waiting list when he was six and he's been offered a place so it is worth putting his name down.

MollieO Thu 08-Mar-12 09:48:38

Doesn't hurt to ask. I've been surprised this week to discover that ds has no chance for admission to Radley in 2017 unless he gets on the Warden's List or gets a scholarship. Made me realise I need to start considering secondary school options even though he's only 7.

Colleger Thu 08-Mar-12 09:45:57

On the back of the Eton waiting list thread I'm wondering if there are ever spaces available at schools such as Westminster near the end of Year 8 or if their waiting list is so large that a place is filled immediately.

I didn't sit DS2 for Westminster but I think in two years time he will have come on academically to be able to gain entry but our only option would be to look at The Challenge and I don't think he's bright enough for that. I just wonder if it's possible phoning up in Year 8 to ask if they have places or if it's really unlikely. :/

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