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Nonsuch or city of London girls?

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Toomanychoices Sat 25-Feb-12 17:52:56

What would you choose if you could afford school fees and journey was around 45 min for both schools? DD is academic and sporty. State school offers are not out until next week but based on nonsuch test results very likely to be offered a place.

fbnomore Sun 26-Feb-12 13:10:30

private. Heard waay to many scare stories about girls in nonsuch.

Toomanychoices Sun 26-Feb-12 21:21:24

Oh no, like what fb?

Suttonmum1 Sun 26-Feb-12 21:43:05

One of my sons does sports club at Nonsuch on Sat am. Facilities are used by various clubs, but not by any Nonsuch girls. Suspect situation is v. different at City of London.

fbnomore Sun 26-Feb-12 23:26:59

anorexia. self harm. excessive boyfriends (not sure what that one means, but was said in disapproving tone by several parents). girls tutored to death to get in, and then again during their time there to be able to keep up. the lack of a hundred percent A-C grades at gcse. considering that they cream off the top sets of the entire area, what on earth are they doing with these girls that they cant even get a c grade at gcse despite level fives accross the board in year six.
however its all hearsay. I know plenty of non religious parents who seem to be fervently praying their dds get in, so they can save a fortune on school fees.

Toomanychoices Mon 27-Feb-12 07:40:26

Fb, suttonmum thanks for your feedback. Any city of london girls parents out there?

legallady Mon 27-Feb-12 11:39:19

Golly, that's some hearsay!

Toomanychoices, I'll try to give a little more of the other side of Nonsuch. The gcse grades are generally some of the highest in the country, but I'm sure you can look that up for yourself wink

I know many girls who have very much enjoyed their time there. The facilities for a state school are good (lots of outside space and good sports facilities). Lots of opportunity to do music (very impressive) and more drama now. They also have a joint ccf with Sutton grammar.

No school is perfect, though and you are comparing it with one of the highest achieving independent schools in the country!

Hope that's helpful grin

Toomanychoices Mon 27-Feb-12 14:15:26

Thank you legallady it's nice to hear something positive about nonsuch. My DD is sporty and although I love city of London I'm concerned about the lack of outdoor sporting facilities

tropicalfish Tue 28-Feb-12 23:06:13

Hello Toomanychoices
We were in a similar position a few years ago with the choice between mixed superselective in north london and we chose the suoerselective for the following reasons
a) more local friends with more potential companions for journey to school
b) easier commute with less worrying journey, I was worried about dc being left on her own at kings cross with no tube
c) no fees
d) shorter school holidays
e) I preferred the selective as I felt it had a warmer feel and had more inspiring teachers. She enjoys the entensive musical events held at the school. Most kids in the class are grade 5 or above in a musical instrument.
I think the problems with anorexia and self harm are present but probably just as likely in clsg.
One reason nonsuch girls may not do so well as clsg is that their future potential is assessed with vr and hence anyone that is very bright could pass but then may not be suited to an academic environment. That is definitely the case with our superselective.
my dd really loves her school and finds it quite vibrant. Alot of girls leave clsg at sixth form stage. One of the other mums I met from clgs thought the best advantage is the smallness of the school leading to more opportunities for being able to participate more actively in extra curricular activities.
Its not an easy choice. I think it is quite likely that they push the kids more at clsg. My DDs school is quite laid back and quite misrepresented as a sweatshop.

Toomanychoices Wed 29-Feb-12 10:40:34

Tropicalfish thank you very much for your feedback. This was the first year that nonsuch introduced English to their entry tests I assume to address the issue you referred too. At the moment I am like you also thinking that the grammar might suit my DD more. I hope I'm making the right decision

YummyHoney Wed 29-Feb-12 18:44:05

Hi - As far as I'm aware Nonsuch do have 100% success rate at grade A - C and suspect someone may be trying to put you off taking a coveted place wink. It is an excellent school IMO if you are interested in academic results. The official blurb is that they are interested in "the whole child" but IME this is not the case.

Having said that, my DD has done extremely well there - with no tutoring other than when she did 11+ and has chosen to stay on for 6th Form - so it can't be as bad as she has been telling me.

Toomanychoices Wed 29-Feb-12 20:20:14

Thank you yummy. I know that nonsuch has excellent academic results and that is why I chose it for my academic child. I have read the published gcse and a level results. wink I really appreciate all the posts that have given me a truthful picture of nonsuch.

fbnomore Thu 01-Mar-12 08:26:18

yummyhoney, in your world, are people really that crafty and nasty that they give random strangers incorrect advice for their own ends? if so, i pity you.

I have boys, not girls, but that is completely irrelevant. someone asked me for my opinion, and i gave it. In my world, that is done as honestly as possible whilst trying to to hurt anothers feelings.

YummyHoney Thu 01-Mar-12 08:53:15

hmm ..... anorexia, self-harm..... that's very considerate of others' feelings - you said it yourself really, by omitting the 'not' in your last sentence.

MLP Thu 01-Mar-12 09:00:54

"This year, the results exceeded all expectations with over 80% of grades at A*/A. Every Nonsuch candidate attained the DCSF benchmark of five GCSE passes at A*-C grades including Mathematics and English. Over 90% of students gained five or more A*/A grades"

Confirmation of the 100% for 2011 as per previous comments.

fbnomore Tue 06-Mar-12 18:10:58

grammar police as well.
she asked for opinions. she was given opinions. You choose to dislike them. then judge the grammar and gerneral typing.

Fitzy49 Sat 20-Oct-12 19:53:25

Dd1 recently left after 7 years in which she said she never felt good at anything: it will suit a highly academic child who will utterly conform. But not for non-conformist kids in any way. Self harm and anorexia do seem to be real issues. The pressure on the kids is intense.

However, the head has recently been removed without explanation - so maybe the regime will soften. Acting heads are fine.
Wouldn't send my other kids there under any circs- local comp is doing them fine, same grades, happier kids.

JellyMe Mon 28-Dec-15 22:34:47

Thread a bit old like me....nonsuch may not be A1 regarding pastoral care, boy fixation, drugs, have to be clever and tough enough to get through that ...but if your daughter can, she'll emerge with unbeatable confidence knowing she has gained an unsurpassable education .....from a very old girl (and cohorts).

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