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Views on St Mary's, Hampstead

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Turniphead1 Mon 20-Feb-12 18:45:51

Anyone out there whose child goes to this school? We are considering moving our DD in yr 3 from state school in N8 to an independent school. I have visited the school and was massively impressed by the Head, the girls and the facilities.

My main concerns are - attending a Hampstead school when my DD lives so far away (both the commute and the issue of friends) - and also a comment on GSG that the school may not stretch the most academic child. The latter is our reason for moving schools.

Would love to hear anyone with experience of the school.

Turniphead1 Tue 21-Feb-12 20:38:46


emanuela Tue 21-Feb-12 22:00:23

Hey, I signed my daughter up but then did not send her there. St Mary is a nice school but not too academic. Since you live in n8, I would suggest you contact Channing and Highgate School for chance vacancies. Or send her to North Bridge, that is a good school, academic and has a school bus. Where did you plan to send your daughter at 11? I think what NBH promises is to get your child into the school which is right for him/her. Hope this helps.

Turniphead1 Wed 22-Feb-12 12:36:53

Hi Emanuela. Yes - Channing is our first choice (I think). We are waiting to hear about an assessment for a chance vacancy. It would be much more convenient and saves the problem of 11+. The problem is that there will be a number of girls going for the chance vacancy and only one place.

We did see Northbridge House but I was really really underwhelmed. I much preferred St M - the grounds and house are much less cramped than the usual Hampstead school, really loved the Head and as we are RC so that side of it appealed greatly. We were thinking - Channing, Highgate, NLC or CLSG at 11. St Mary's seems to have a fairly good record of getting girls into those schools. She is pretty academic.

I guess the upside of Channing is also the downside - we would be deciding (more or less) to send her there at senior level and there may be other schools out there that would suit her more. Its hard to know.

And then another part of me thinks - just leave her where she is and tutor her for one of those senior schools..

(Sorry to waffle on ...)

onlaptopagain Wed 22-Feb-12 18:53:16

If you're in N8, I can't think your state primary can be that bad. If your child is quite bright, I would tutor for 11+ and save your money!

Turniphead1 Wed 22-Feb-12 21:41:21

Onlaptopagain - indeed! Actually the school is good. DH has rather a bee in his bonnet about moving her. I am less convinced...

emanuela Thu 23-Feb-12 17:55:47

Hi Turnip. Is your daughter in Year 2 or Year 3 now? If in Year 2, it is much easier to find a good school for her as there is lots of movement. Have you thought about St Christina down in St Johns Wood? Or going the other wag up in Mill Hill somewhere?

Turniphead1 Fri 24-Feb-12 14:07:53

Hi Emanuela - no, she is current year 3 which makes it trickier. St John's Wood is probably a bit too far for us alas. I did look at Belmont but wasn't keen on it strangely. I think we may hold out for Channing and then wait til 11 if not. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions.

EllaAn Mon 05-Nov-12 13:10:25

hi there
not sure if this is still current but my daughter goes to St Marys (she's been there for 4 years and has loved every day). It is certainly academic (I am a teacher so know of the standard elsewhere) and I would say the girls are at least a year ahead of most state primaries like the one I teach in. The girls that go there are very well rounded - I certainly have no complaints!

Turniphead1 Mon 05-Nov-12 21:33:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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