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Sarum Hall NW3

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watchthisspace Tue 14-Feb-12 10:48:36

Anyone have any views or comments on Sarum Hall? We are considering entry into Nursery class. Thanks

sanam2010 Wed 15-Feb-12 20:17:45

hi - no direct experience but two of my friends have their daughters there (in Reception and Y3 respectively) and are very happy so far, with academics as well as extracurriculars and pastoral girl. girls are thriving there from what I can see... hope you get more in-depth responses from actual parents!

watchthisspace Thu 23-Feb-12 10:51:59

Thanks, it appears to be a happy school when we toured the premise, but I looked at their exit results and they appear to be inconsistent. Some years fantastic and others not so. I had heard the school has a new (ish) head and was curious how she is getting on whether for the better or worst. I had heard the previous head had strong links to some of the leading girls day school like NLC, St Paul's Girls and SHHS etc and as such managed to get a steady stream of girls there. Really would like to hear from parents who have recently gone through the exit process of getting their girls to senior school would be helpful.

EverybodysSleepyEyed Mon 19-Mar-12 21:14:25


I'd be interested to know more about Sarum Hall too!

007alert Tue 20-Mar-12 21:46:17

My nieces go there. One is already heading off the rails spectacularly, the other is fine. They both have a rather unattractive harshness about them which I see in their school friends too. However, that may just be the set of children they mix with. I'm not London based and I find the London Preps really different places compared with provincial independents.

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Wed 21-Mar-12 11:30:34

What a charming thing to say about your nieces.

007alert Wed 21-Mar-12 22:10:02

It's an observation, that's all.

binth Mon 16-Apr-12 16:40:09

All 3 of my girls went through there recently although not with new head (youngest left the year the last head left) and came out with great results. 1 daughter went to city of london, and the other 2 to channing. It is such a lovely school, a beautiful building. It is just a friendly wonderful atmosphere to be in. If i remember correctly, the schools the girls went to in my youngest daughter's class were : Wycombe Abbey, NLCS, City, SHHS, St Pauls, Francis Holland, Queens College, Oundle, Queenswood ... All great schools. Go for it

GoldysMum Tue 17-Apr-12 00:24:00

Binth - I'm in the same area and looking at state now but possibly private later on. I'm very interested to know, were the girls at Sarum Hall privately tutored to get into selective schools or did the school alone do enough to prep them for those exams? Have heard about similar schools with similar results at 11+ where most of the parents pay for tutoring on top of the school prepping them so wondered if that was the norm in these schools (and sorry if hijacking the thread)?

binth Tue 17-Apr-12 09:23:16

Hi GoldysMum,
A few might have been prepped, but I highly doubt a large number of the class was. Across all the private preps in the area, a large number do prep for a number of reasons. However in fact, the girls who got into the best schools ie. NLCS, Wycombe Abbey, SPGS were the ones who definitely did not get prepped! It was more the ones who weren't so academic but their mums stll wanted them to go to a academic school if you get me ..

GoldysMum Tue 17-Apr-12 15:18:44

Thanks - that makes sense - am considering a similar school where DD has a year 1 place and looking at our outstanding local state school for reception. A main reason for going private for primary was because she's been offered a place at what seems like a lovely nurturing prep school that gets great 11+ results. I want her to go to a good private secondary school and avoid the need for tutoring. If she'd need tutoring anyway then I feel like I'd be better to stick with a great state school. Feels like such a big decision so appreciate your feedback and apologies again for going off topic.

milmead Fri 26-Oct-12 10:13:46

hi there can anyone suggest the best of the state primaries in west hampstead/swiss cottage?

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