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Affordable private tutors?

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sallyjones320 Sat 11-Feb-12 20:58:11

Hi all,

I am new to Mumsnet. Just browsing quickly through the forums, I am pleasantly surprised at how active and helpful members are, so I hope someone will be able to help me out.

I am a mum to 2 secondary school kids. I am currently looking for a private tutor in maths and french for my elder son as he has been struggling with his grades recently and I want to make sure that he gets the right help before this gets any worse.

If anyone has any suggestions for a local tutor in the London area (someone preferably who doesn't charge too much £££), it would be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


breadandbutterfly Sun 15-Apr-12 22:32:35

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

mummyof21960 Mon 16-Apr-12 14:02:55

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

mummyof21960 Tue 17-Apr-12 09:10:33

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

RSVPB5 Thu 03-May-12 11:04:59

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Hullygully Thu 03-May-12 11:07:16

What on earth were all the deletions??

stressydad Thu 16-Aug-12 16:09:09

I've seen some great tutor videos on youtube recently, does anybody know how i can book these people?

perfectparent1 Sun 16-Sep-12 17:09:02

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

MyNeighbourIsStrange Sun 16-Sep-12 17:15:09

I am in looking for a Y8 Maths tutor and a Y10 English tutor in London, pm as lots of deletions.

breadandbutterfly Sun 16-Sep-12 22:21:11

Some of deletions were mine and IIRC were due to me spam-spotting. Be very wary of posters on threads like this who claim to know an 'amazing' tutor and post their contact details incl mobile numbers...

Nampah Fri 21-Sep-12 15:05:48

Hi Im looking for a maths tutor for my daughter who is in year 5. Please can anyone recommend a tutor within the sw8/sw4 of london area?

Losingmyhair Tue 20-Nov-12 23:44:51

My DS has a tutor and we just recently found out about her. She's a qualified teacher with her own office in Hackney. Cheap too, bad thing is you need to travel to her, which is okay for me as I only live around the corner!

GenerationZero Sun 30-Dec-12 20:01:46

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

april1st Mon 31-Dec-12 14:01:10

I don’t believe good tutors necessarily charge more than average price. I think it is down to the tutors themselves and how realistic they are with their own ability and professionalism. As my own experience the 1st private tutor I employed for my DC1 charged a quarter more than the current tutor. But the 1st tutor was no good at teaching maths at all. She was sort of ok in teaching English but really rubbish at maths. A few months later fortunately someone recommended to me the current tutor who is far better and we can really see the improvement in dc1’s progress in school. Even dc1 loves going to her. In fact the 2nd tutor charges a lot less than the average market rate. 2nd tutor is an elderly retired lady who was a very good teacher before. I know 2nd tutor truly enjoys teaching young children but I don’t know if that is the reason she charges less.

Naz12345 Thu 23-May-13 21:38:25

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

mnistooaddictive Sat 25-May-13 10:45:30

Naz, if you want to advertise you need to pay. As a tutor I do not negotiate, I charge a fair price and quyite honestly turn down more students than I take so I don't need to. I also do not take 2 children at once as it ruins the whole concept of individual tutoring. You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

Homeschoolandproud Mon 14-Oct-13 21:29:16

Our tutor (Richard) works for £50. I know this is on the high end of things, but our girl has shot up in grades since he started. We found him here and would recommend him to anyone:

Ameliagrey I actually agree with you, I think if plumbers etc. are being paid £50+ why shouldn't tutors?

sybilwibble Mon 14-Oct-13 23:14:01

I can highly recommend mathsdoctor . Co. uk - it's all live, online , like a one to one session via Skype. My dd's tutor lives in another part of the UK, but she's a great fit for her. My dd thinks its great fun as she has an interactive tablet thingy they send you to use. She used to think she couldn't do Maths but its given her loads of confidence.

Tan855 Wed 01-Jan-14 18:09:01

A lot of tutors are in a position to do tutoring on the side as a bit of extra money and fun so that's possibly why they go at a lower rate than plumbers.

We found to be an easy way to find a tutor. They were very helpful and we're pleased with the maths tutor we have now for £25/hr.

MagratGarlik Fri 03-Jan-14 22:21:36

I agree with ameliagrey, too (and charge considerably less than £50/hour, but also do not negotiate on price). I actually choose to go from a full-time, well-paid professional position as a tenured university academic to tutoring because I enjoy working with students on a one-to-one basis more than teaching 200-300 at a time. I still maintain my research too, but in a consultancy role (together with editorial board memberships for some journals and various other activities). Together, this allows me to maintain all the bits I enjoyed of my university position, but I enjoy it much more.

I say though, in response to the comment from a PP regarding "employing" a tutor, unless you are paying employers NI contributions, dealing with the income tax side of things, providing holiday pay etc, you are not employing the tutor, but you are a client. It may seem pedantic, but, do bare in mind that from the gross pay you give a self-employed tutor, they will need to take out NI contributions, tax, costs etc and therefore net earnings per hour will be well below the gross amount you pay. Further, remembering that you are a client, rather than an employer reflects a difference in the professional relationship between you. You would not talk about "employing" your hairdresser. Sorry if that sounds touchy, but as I say, it is a reflection of how you perceive the professional relationship between you.

sharonJones90 Mon 12-Jan-15 17:19:50

Hi, just for anyone thats still reading this post for advice. I would like to mention that I received really good services from

They provided great tuition for my 11 yr old and 17 yr old. My sons also loved their tutors. It's a must look.

TotalTutorsLondon Thu 18-Aug-16 16:55:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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