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Surbiton High School Reviews?

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Shinjini Sun 08-Jan-12 08:33:30

Hi All,
Are there any members whose children go to Surbiton High School. Previously I have heard a lot of negetive feedback about the school like too much focus on sports after change in the headmistress a few years back etc. Can anyone give feedback about the quality of education in the school?

jgaz Mon 30-Jan-12 20:46:57

My daughter was the junior girls until recently. We moved her to a good local primary school and we were surprised at how behind her classmates she was at her new school. The standard at the state school was a good deal higher and she has made leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time. I don't think she was being pushed.

Annelongditton Mon 30-Jan-12 21:04:00

Interesting. What year was your dd? and why move her to a state if you thought she wasn't being pushed, why not somewhere more competitive like LEH?

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Mon 30-Jan-12 21:08:33

Similar experience in the senior school here, I'm afraid. We moved DD1 at the end of year 9 for a number of reasons and she really struggled to catch up at her new school. But every child is different so it might suit yours down to the ground so don't be too put off. I know lots of people are delighted with it.

jgaz Mon 30-Jan-12 22:12:56

We had her name on the waiting list as it has great reputation etc but never thought we would be offered a place but a place came up smile It also meant a lot less travel every day which was wearing us all out, my daughter included. We wouldn't have moved her otherwise as we didn't really have a problem with the school, though we had hoped she would be making a bit more progress. It is in hindsight and that we can now make a comparison that we now feel something wasn't clicking. In saying that, she did love the school and never had an unhappy day. She also had some lovely teachers and there was never a problem with bullying etc. I also know many parents who were very happy.

Annelongditton Tue 31-Jan-12 10:37:31

Your DD must be the reception girl who disappreared at Xmas, the only other girls to leave recently were siblings who were moved to Wimbledon High because their Mother teaches there.
There is nothing pushy about SHS early years, it is very gentle and nurturing.
I am pleased that your DD now has a place at a local school, DCs especially DDs need local friends and they need time to socialise with them and make friends.

jgaz Tue 31-Jan-12 22:55:23

Thank you and agree it is very nurturing and gentle. Was a very nice start to her schooling and don't regret it. But it is lovely to be able to walk to school and have playdates after school etc smile

Annelongditton Wed 01-Feb-12 11:11:57

"My daughter was the junior girls until recently. We moved her to a good local primary school and we were surprised at how behind her classmates she was at her new school. The standard at the state school was a good deal higher and she has made leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time. I don't think she was being pushed"

I do have wonder jgaz how you felt qualified to make the above statement having spent only the 1st term in the reception class. This time is all about settling in, most schools stagger their intake and many do not take the younger DCs full time until half term or after Christmas, " I don't think she was being pushed"!!! - she's 4 years old, I certainly hope she wasn't.

Sorry OP because your questions haven't really been addressed. I like SHS for my DD, but it may not suit yours, go and have a look see what you think. I really like LEH and would send myself there, but I wouldn't dream of sending DD it has a very different feel, but it may be just the place for your DD. I also like Newland House, which is mixed (but only for girls, DS goes elsewhere), and despite falling out with them after a 3+ asessment I still think Holy Cross Prep is a great school.
With regards to quality of education the juniors do very well in the Sunday Times prep school league, preps are expected to get DCs at least up to level 5 as opposed to state schools level 4. For the seniors their results will be on the website and league tables. The High school gives guaranteed places to the junior school girls, and I think the school does exceptionately well with the girls they have, it is not as selective as LEH so you have to take into account you are not comparing like with like.
In short, look around and see what suits your DD, I always say choosing as school is like buying a house something just feels right.

EBDteacher Wed 01-Feb-12 13:58:40

SHS is advertising a huge number of SMT positions all at once at the moment. That may mean changes are afoot in the senior school.

pixelchick10 Wed 01-Feb-12 16:24:59

We loved the junior school and dd thrived there - she seems to be getting her head down and working hard in seniors. It's a good solid school and we're very happy with it ....

jgaz Wed 01-Feb-12 21:18:05

@Annelongditton, I am not at all a pushy mum and you have made several assumptions about me. I agree that Surbiton has many great points and offers a very respectable education. If it is right for your child then wonderful, you mustn't worry yourself about my post. You said yourself, "look around and see what suits your DD". We have both done just that and it sounds like we have have each found the right school for our children.

Annelongditton Wed 01-Feb-12 22:15:08

OP I think this thread does prove that anyone can go on mumsnet and claim to be anyone and authoratively say anything they like regardless of how little knowledge they really have. For all you know I am the SHS admissions bursar.
Go and see for yourself, and ask people in RL, numbers to me speak for themselves at SHS, the year 3 entry last year was hugely oversubscribed and is wait-listed. Reception for this year was only supposed to have one class, but there were 72 applicants and the parents of siblings demanded an extra class, so an extra class was formed.
Senior schools everywhere are hugely oversubscribed at the moment, I am told by a senior school applicant that there were over 400 applying for the extra senior school places this year. I can't verify this because I am not the admissions bursar, but the school should be able to tell you.
Anyway, good luck and do try and look at lots of school, you always learn something at open days.

notpickyreally Thu 09-Feb-12 17:52:28

Anne, would you mind telling me which school your dd is at now please? it would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hullabalooey Thu 09-Feb-12 18:25:40

My daughter has been at SHS since year 7 and is now in the 6th form. (She previously went to a local high-ranked state primary) She is more than happy with her experience there and likes the new head. She is not sporty - more arty and we have found the SHS art teaching to be exceptional. The school has encouraged and supported her and she has truly blossomed there. Originally I wanted her to go to a mixed school but now I am happy that she chose Surbiton over KGS. Her GCSE results were all A*/A's - which we never dreamt she would get when she first joined the school. I truly believe that if she had gone to KGS she would have been forgotten is the rush to promote the high-fliers. SHS really gets the best out of the girls whatever their abilities. Some of her friends from primary went to LEH and are now so "up themselves" it's a farce! And others left LEH to do 6th form elsewhere because they didn't like the "you have to succeed or else" mentality.

notpickyreally Fri 10-Feb-12 11:51:23

EBD sorry to be a bit dim but what does SMT mean?

Hullabalooey Fri 10-Feb-12 14:32:51

Senior Management Team. Head of 6th form is relocating to Oxford to be with husband. Other team member going on Maternity leave I think.

notpickyreally Wed 15-Feb-12 23:23:59

Thanks Hullabalooey. It's good to hear that your DD is doing well there.

There seemed to be a few negative posts about the school a while ago, so it makes it difficult for anyone considering SH Junior Girls to ignore those. It's great to hear positive things about the school so I'm grateful to the OP for posting this question.

pixelchick10 Fri 17-Feb-12 18:44:59

Hi notpicky think those negative posts were from one person who seemed to really have a problem with the school - most of us there are more than happy so do take a look round SHS juniors it's a great little school! My dd loved it and did very well there (and she'd been to 3 other schools before she joined it in y4). All the best anyway ...

notpickyreally Sun 19-Feb-12 00:13:17

Thanks pixelchick smile

It's good to hear that you've had a good experience with the Juniors school. We really liked it when we visited but I always like to hear other people's views so thanks for your reassuring reply.

Can I ask, about your DD going to 3 other schools before she started at SH? Is that just with the nursery, Reception/infants and then Juniors school moves?

We're still faffing about what to do and are a little bit undecided between SH and a local state school mostly for financial reasons. My heart is definitely for SH but the head keeps reminding me that this is a long commitment! confused

Thanks again smile

pixelchick10 Sun 19-Feb-12 17:24:57

Hi notpicky - dd went to nursery and reception of another girls' indie (SE London, where we used to live), a church prep school for 2 years and a year at the local state school. Because I'd moved her so much, I wanted to send her to a juniors where she could stay into secondary, so I didn't apply for any other seniors. You're so right about the longterm commitment - it is expensive (and keeps going up!) and so possible to come into the indie sector at a later stage - my DD had a few kids joining SHS even in Y5 and Y6 - or you could just wait for seniors if you don't like the state options open to you .... Plenty of girls at SHS come from state juniors smile

Janestrawberry Mon 06-Aug-12 20:25:37

Sorry this is probably too late for your decision now. My daughter likes Surbiton and I agree with what was said before. It is a nice, gentle and nurturing place, but it does depend on your daughter. If you think she needs that academic push then I would look at LEH/Putney/KGS. My daughter has been very happy there, but didn't go through the Juniors. So I can't help there.

It's funny to read back that post from 1st Feb as there are a lot of other teachers leaving as well as Senior Teachers. Does this happen a lot in schools? Other mums told me it does, but it was 16 or so we counted in the end of term book. Something to think about. Maybe its a positive, but my daughter is missing a few of her teachers next year.

Best advice on schools though is to visit as many open days and see how you feel. You'll be able to tell very quickly.

flopsygirl Tue 11-Jun-13 11:33:50

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Schmedz Tue 11-Jun-13 22:16:36

Is Annelongditton actually the HT?

Annelongditton Tue 11-Jun-13 23:49:46

No, just a parent.

This is a really old thread.

Richmondborders Wed 19-Jun-13 17:47:02

Hi, does anyone know if Surbiton High school does actually offer 50% scholarships (website seems to suggest an "up to" 50% scholarship", either for academic or sports. )

It's a bit of a way off (daughter will be 8 in a few months) but we are thinking about Surbiton High. It would be a push to make the fees, and if there was a 50% scholarship option (assuming of course our daughter is sufficiently academic/sporty - doing okay so far!) then it could bring things within reach.

Many thanks for your help.

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