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Eaton House the Manor (Clapham)

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NNat Thu 05-Jan-12 22:35:34

I'd appreciate any comments about the school - visited it, consider registering DS there

I liked
- their placement is great
- facilities (DS has health issues so spacios rooms are sort of important)

Concerned about
- seems to be too "businessy", not sure how child friendly they are and how much attention would be paid to individual
- too strong focus on competition; ok, we're talking about boys here, they probably should be a bit competitive, but how stressfull it could be for a four years old?
- reputation of hothouse?

Does anyone have their DSs there? can you share your experience?

Thank you!

NNat Fri 06-Jan-12 21:29:00


penguininpink Sat 10-Mar-12 17:44:40

We are also interested in this school, so if anyone has any experience please share!
NNat in what way did you feel they were too "businessy" and not child friendly?

timmytoes Mon 12-Mar-12 12:21:21

My DS started at Eaton House the Manor when he was 2 , some 7 years ago . He has always loved the school and on the whole it has been an excellent start . I particularly like the fact that the boys are split by age in the pre prep so the younger boys are taught together. The school really understands little boys , how they develop , what motivates them and tailors the syllabus accordingly. I have never found the school unchild friendly , it is perhaps more traditional than some with reception required to wear ties and blazers etc . The headmistress will shake every boys hand in the morning and boys must say good morning back but personally I think that a good skill to learn . it is true that Eaton House is not a charity but many prep schools are similarly set up , instead it was set up by a family a number of years ago who continue to be involved in the running . However profits are reinvested into the school in terms of improved facilities and teachers pay , the competition for good teachers in central London is fierce and pay matters . Fees levels are comparable with central London fees although a little higher than out of London fees.
Turning to whether the school is a hot house , categorically no especially as the 7 plus exam to get into the prep has disappeared . There is also no awful 3plus assessment to get into the preprep . Despite the lack of any pre screening most of the boys are reading by the end of the Autumn term . The school is an academic school and will test the boys a number of times throughout their pre prep life , boys will be ahead of the National Curriculum by the age if 8 but in reality it will only be one or two boys a year who struggle and this will have been flagged up early and efforts made where possible to help , eg lots of boys have extra handwriting classes in year one and two but then have no need thereafter. Yes the school has a house system whereby boys participate in a number of inter house completions , eg art , music , sport but even the most uncompetitive of boys seem to find an interest and enjoy the challenge. The sheer breadth of activities does mean that although boys learn there are winners and losers , there is usually something for everyone to shine in. IMO far better that way than handing out meaningless medals for everyone who took part .
It may seem a long way off but if you want your Ds to ultimately go to a top London day or boarding school and have a happy education while getting there , I can think of no better school in sw London

neverenoughtimeintheday Fri 20-Apr-12 16:13:47

Am picking up this thread about a month late, but very interested in your thoughts. Timmytoes, would you consider Eaton House The Manor if based in Fulham as I am? There is a school bus but I'm concerned about DS making the daily journey and the fact that most families will be based S of the River making playdates a bit of a nightmare. In all other respects we are highly impressed with this school. Is it worth the effort? Would you have any comments based on your experiences there? Shame there isn't really a comparable school over here. There are good ones, but they are all slightly different.

timmytoes Fri 20-Apr-12 16:44:04

neverenoughtimeintheday , just read you message. There are lots of boys from Fulham at Eaton House some of whom travel on the school and bus and some of whom travel independently with parents in the morning etc. Just to give you an idea in my son's year probably about 25% from North of the river, mostly Fulham. Play dates are not really an issue as most boys live between the Commons , Wandsworth or Fulham , ie not Balham, Earlsfield or further afield. As for the daily journey it might be initially tiring but the boys seem to soon get used to it ! I have never heard of a boy complaining about the journey and they seem to have a smile on their face when I see them arrive in the mornings. Bus drivers all long term employees of the school doubling up as maintenance etc when not driving. Seems to work well.

neverenoughtimeintheday Fri 20-Apr-12 17:00:00

Thanks so much for your reply. I feel a lot more confident about it. The (lovely) registrar told me that there are a lot of shared families with my DD's Fulham based girls school which I found reassuring, not least from a practical pov. Suddenly car pooling sounds very attractive!

northcoterdfamily Tue 26-Aug-14 17:06:06

neverenoughtimeintheday, I can also reassure you that the school is truly excellent, we are thrilled with it so far for our first and sending our second there too. In terms of a traditional all-boys pre / prep school in South-West or even West London as a whole, I think it ranks top, and we did a LOT of research and know lots of familites at other top schools. Competitive yes, as timmytoes says, but not too much so. The boys are well rounded and the new head at the prep is of course excellent (ex Westminster). I can't praise it enough, so far. If you want to go all-boys (lots of research suggests boys do learn quite differently in their formative years, but that's another topic!) then seriously this is the place, you won't regret it. I can't comment on the commute, as we live more locally.

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