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fab books for toddlers

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popsycal Sun 09-Nov-03 19:42:42

just had to tell you all about a fab book which we found afew days ago
DS loves books and has all the old favourites
we found a book called 'Pants' illustrated by Nick Sharratt. Excellent
ds is 15 mths and loves it
good for kids up to 3 ish tho
thoroughly recommended

Bron Mon 10-Nov-03 10:02:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twink Mon 10-Nov-03 11:06:26

My just 4 y.o loves it still, and as she knows it off by heart, 'reads' it to me almost every night..

My fav. is special pants for driving in the car

motherinferior Mon 10-Nov-03 12:46:55

It is a wonderful book, isn't it! DD1 adores it. She thinks there a special characters called Groovy and Funky.

popsycal Mon 10-Nov-03 17:57:42

special pants for driving in a car is our fave too - ds is obsessed with dandas erm thats pandas to you and i
you must buy it if you havent got it already!

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