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Essay title suggestions

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wahwahwah Fri 16-Dec-11 10:28:29

DS is sitting his 8+ and I am sure there will be a short essay to write.

I want to get him to try - creative writing isn't his favourite subject and I am sure he will just sit and stare out of the window if I don't find a way to make it more interesting for him!

I thought over the hold I'd ask him to do a few stories but need to have some sensible titles it beginnings for some.

Any ideas, o wise ones?

wahwahwah Fri 16-Dec-11 11:19:53

Oh come on, please. I know you are out there...

belledechocchipcookie Fri 16-Dec-11 11:23:12

Have you looked on their site to see if there's a sample paper?? wink

wahwahwah Fri 16-Dec-11 11:37:28

Nada. The sods! Maybe this is the parents initiative test!

belledechocchipcookie Fri 16-Dec-11 11:47:25

I imagine it would be something like writing about his favourite character, holiday, book or memory. They are looking at the content and use of language more then anything. smile

DeWe Fri 16-Dec-11 12:15:40

Describe his dream bedroom
An adventure at night
Finish story that starts with the words: "I looked down the road and saw..."

I'd get him thinking about:
1. description/factual one
2. Imaginary story
3. Something like a starter sentence, or maybe a finishing one

KATTT Sun 18-Dec-11 21:06:17

I got a really good book for mine..

It's the right level for 8 year olds I think, comes up with prompts and helps them to develop their ideas.

and it's reduced!

bebanjo Sun 18-Dec-11 22:06:07

Sorry, have i missed something?, isn't the point to see what the child is capable of? maybe this includes using his imagination, how he is when put on the spot ect.

wahwahwah Mon 19-Dec-11 09:39:02

I was quite surprised (to put it mildly) that he hadn't been taught how to structure an essay, hadn't been taught how to 'do'' comprehension questions... He is top of the year, and never breaks into a sweat at school. I have asked the teacher to give him something else to do (he seems to 'get bored when I am going through work for the second or third time for the other children', says the teacher. I wonder why) but she never has and just says 'oh he is bright'. And bored!

And competition is bloody high!

tethersjinglebellend Mon 19-Dec-11 09:43:19

Think of essay titles in the form of questions that the essay can answer, then:

1. Say what you are going to say.
2. Say it
3. Say that you've said it.

Crabapple99 Mon 19-Dec-11 10:12:19

What's an 8+? never heard of it.

wahwahwah Mon 19-Dec-11 10:20:48

If you are going into year 4.

racingheart Tue 20-Dec-11 16:34:41


make sure he knows the difference between essay (facts and or opinions) and stories ( demonstration of his use of the imagination.) Make sure he can spot which questions are which. Encourage him, if there's a choice to choose the one he's most confident in.

For factual essays get him to express points clearly in sentences that use conjunctions so that the information is not too staccato.

For both, encourage him to use the most expressive words in his vocabulary, lots of descriptions, and, as far as he can, accurate punctuation. At that age they're looking for a spark of imagination and aptitude with language. The schools we've visited have not set too much store by the written 'essay' at this age.

stream26 Wed 21-Dec-16 17:55:44

Try create illustration essay the Life of a farmer? Family or funny argument
-What your canine is truly considering.
-Why you are not a specialist at anything besides rather gaming.
And when I was in school we had to write essays - and we were told what the opinion was, that we were supposed to express in the essays. It was not until I had to write an essay in college that I "discovered" that essays can express the opinion of the author. I don't know if that helps you.

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