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Clifton Lodge School in Ealing, W5

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woolsh Thu 15-Dec-11 10:56:03

Hi All

Do any parents send kids to Clifton Lodge Prep School in Ealing, W5?
If so, are you happy with the quality of teaching, etc?
We are thinking of sending our DS to this School.

Any opinions would help.
Many thanks

sue52 Fri 16-Dec-11 09:18:39

No direct experience of it but a friend recently pulled her son out after a couple of terms as she thought the standard of teaching poor.

LondonMumsie Fri 16-Dec-11 18:48:31

My friend moved first one child there and then another. So I guess she is happy?

kudostime Mon 26-Jan-15 20:52:40

Hi I have just read some of the messages for Clifton Lodge Prep school in Ealing. I must tell you of my current experience with this school. My son is now attending Clifton Lodge prep school and started in year 4 he is in year 5 now. The new headmaster, has turned this school around and it is hardly recognisable. The teachers to the reception staff are all approachable and the children are polite, well mannered and kind. It is not often you see children of all year groups running into school with smiles and singing - literally. It is a close knit and happy school and benefits from a close connection with all staff. The homework is age appropriate and they are plenty of clubs to attend for the children in school. The headmaster, personally greets each child before they enter the school. I do believe, a good school must have a excellent head, so that all are working from the top with the same goal. The current headmaster, has a keen passion for education and sincerely wants his pupils to achieve the best they can. I can only recommend this school again and again. For me and my son personally it was a 'blessing'. I suggest if anyone is interested in the school, please go and visit it to make up your own mind, you wont be disappointed.

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