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Rochester Independent College

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mistressdipdop Tue 22-Nov-11 12:46:59

Hi, Does anyone know about this college? I am looking for my DS who is a bit of a square peg. Just been to have a look around and liked it but really want to hear about it from someone who has some experience of the place. Like the small class sizes (7/8). They get some amazing results and the kids all look really happy. Is there something else...? Would love to hear from you.

Munashe Tue 22-Nov-11 14:09:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Munashe Tue 22-Nov-11 14:12:32

Looked at it and thought it was fab for retakes but didn't think it was right for my Y7. Its difficult to judge yet how well the school does because the first intake from Y7 hasn't yet sat exams. In the past it was around 60% for GCSE but you can't deduce anything since it was kids coming with baggage for a year or so from other schools. At A level too I noticed that kids who were going to Oxbridge or very highly regarded unis were from abroad like the Thai Govt Scholars. Saying that most of the other kids still seem to go to decent universities.

The reason I discarded it was it felt a little grown up for a Y7, there really isn't any outside grounds or play area for them to go during breaks. They just spend their time in the area around the dinning room. A bit further down in the main school there was a bit of cramped outside space but junior don't really go down there for breaks.

There aren't any organised activities like sports etc at the college, the said they could arrange music lessons if wanted but that was really about it.

Saying that the stuff seemed really enthusiastic and I didn't rule it out completely, just thought it maybe a better fit when my child was a little older and didn't need running around outside during breaks.

mistressdipdop Tue 22-Nov-11 20:22:04

Thanks for that. I was mulling it over and I too think that its a bit mature for my Y8. Its perhaps a place we can bear in mind in the future. DH is looking around next - he is very trad so I dont think he will be keen! Time will tell...

Rosetti Sat 26-Nov-11 00:23:10

This is an amazing college - my dd went there for a year and had amazing results. I wish we had found it earlier - small classes with discussions so when she had the exams she just basically remembered her class. Cannot speak highly enough of the place. We were very sceptical at first but having experienced the school I would not hesitate again. So much better than Kings Canterbury which is where we sent her first.

mistressdipdop Sat 26-Nov-11 14:43:12

Thanks Rosetti. How old was your DD when she went? DS is going to be 13. DH is looking on Monday with DS.

deben Mon 12-Dec-11 22:22:30

Hi,just thought i would add a few thoughts to this.My daughter is a student at rochester indepdendent college and has been from the age of 11.She is currently in 6th form.Befor this she was home ed.I have found this school to be excellent.They are caring,nurturing and understanding.The outside playing spaces whist restricted also take away the playground bully.These spaces are cosy,friendly and child/teenager friendly.My daughter has found this school to be almost a replacement home.Unbelievably caring.In my opinion no-one needs to worry about sending their child to school here,everything is excellent.

trafalgargal Mon 08-Sep-14 01:50:19

Just picking up on this old thread as the old question of what slightly different schools do is ongoing.

I found it was a good fit up to GCSE for my square peg and the small class sizes were fantastic.
The teachers obviously know all the kids..... On our way up to the school to collect GCSE results we were stopped by my son's Maths teacher who wouldn't tell us the result but said she was delighted and was visibly bursting with pride at his excellent grade in her subject.

Definitely worth a look for all but the sportier child who might miss the more traditional sports (although mine loved the dry skiing etc offered instead)

caroann58 Wed 11-Mar-15 10:54:56

Really good to read messages from DEBEN and trafalgargal re RIC. We are going to look at it next week for DS for 6th form and have not yet found anyone who did not like it. Any other views please let me know.

littlemissfavored Fri 09-Sep-16 14:07:20

Bumping up this old thread - caroann58 what was you experiencing on RIC please? Looking into it for DC

poppy7019 Sat 17-Dec-16 22:59:41

Just thought I'd give my view as a parent. We started our daughter here in year 7, Sept 2016. She absolutely loves it. She has dyspraxia, and is quite young emotionally for her age. She had issues at her primary school with bullying, and also was also struggling academically. We felt she wouldn't cope in a standard high school setting.
Since starting here, she has for the first time been really enthusiastic about school, and is excelling at some subjects which she had no interest in before. I think this is down to the standard of the teaching - the enthusiasm the staff generate is brilliant.
It is quite a 'grown up' school, which made me nervous at first, but actually the care and consideration shown to the year 7's has been amazing, and I never worry about her being at school - I know she's safe with people who look out for her. This ethos carries down to the students - the older ones are very sweet to the younger ones, and as there aren't many year 7's, they are seen as an endearing novelty! Also, the class sizes in lower school are tiny, which has been the gentle start to secondary school that my daughter needed.
Don't worry about the lack of sport facilities - they frequently take the students off site to parks, playgrounds, and sports grounds.
We are so pleased our daughter is here, and although it wouldn't be the right place for everyone, it's ideal for the more sensitive/quirky child. This is a place where they can be themselves.

StaplesCorner Mon 26-Jun-17 17:11:11

Hello all, I wonder if I bump this now months later will anyone pick up on it? Just been looking round for year 10 - two things - has anyone ever had a bursary? and how does it work with such small classes - if you fall out, where do you go?!

Kath26 Thu 17-Aug-17 22:49:43

Hey there! I am a student at RIC with a large bursary. The kids at this school come from a huge variety of different backgrounds so I wouldn't worry about money. I would hugely encourage anyone considering joining and want to say that the outdoor space is completely adequate! There's sports on the hard court every day and lunchtime clubs for anyone interested, plus the large patches of green provide an excellent senary for Hide and Seek IT, etc. Definitely the most amazing school ever!

Kath26 Thu 17-Aug-17 22:51:10

Ps. The classes are very tight big and empty classrooms/common rooms are good getaway spaces for any arguments that do happen (they are very rare)

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