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primary schools in East Finchley? (particularly Martin)

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Maria2007loveshersleep Fri 04-Nov-11 14:53:49

Hi everyone, wanted to ask if anyone has some advice about good primary schools in East Finchley (London)? We're looking to move there fairly soon (or to Muswell hill) & have been a bit disappointed by-
a) the super small catchments in all Muswell hill primary schools and
b) the fact that in East Finchley most primary schools seem to be religious ones.

The only decent non-religious state school in East Finchley seems to be Martin primary school (or maybe there's another that I don't know of). Does anyone have advice about Martin? I've heard so so reports from people living locally, but then again it's got a fairly enthusiastic ofsted report (2) so I don't know.

We're also currently looking for properties to move in Muswell hill but it's so depressing because of the ridiculously small distance the home needs to be from the school (all 4 of Muswell hill primary schools). I'm talking something like less than 1/3 of a mile from the schools!!

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 05-Nov-11 10:08:09

bump? Someone?

LouiseInLondon Sat 05-Nov-11 15:04:52

Sorry, don't know much about Martin. DC at a Muswell Hill school - what is your budget?

peteneras Sat 05-Nov-11 16:37:55

Maria, one thing I can say is you’ve made an excellent choice in deciding to move to the Muswell Hill/East Finchley area for your child(ren)’s education. As a matter of fact, only yesterday I happened to be waiting for a bus somewhere in the aforesaid area of Barnet and there was this great big poster at the bus shelter asking parents to register their child for schools at Barnet by a certain date. The poster was put up by Barnet Council which goes on to say their schools are amongst the top performing in the country.

Well, I can certainly vouch for that but mind you, I think Barnet Council themselves need to go back to one of their own schools if they cannot get to grasp the basic fundamentals of the English language in using punctuations like the apostrophe.

But of course, whatever we Brits do, our American friends across the pond can do better. smile

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 05-Nov-11 17:16:56

Hi peteneras, not sure what you mean? Registration for primary schools needs to be by january 15 in every borough, not just barnet...

Anyone else with advice re Martin primary school? Pleeeeeeease????

peteneras Sat 05-Nov-11 22:12:53

Sorry Maria you didn’t quite see the irony in the Barnet poster. Barnet rightly boast their schools are amongst the top performing in the country e.g. Queen Elizabeth’s School is reputed to be right at the very top of the nation’s secondary state schools; together with Henrietta Barnett and St. Michael’s Catholic School to name but a few, the borough is indeed endowed with some of the highest achieving schools. Of course all these schools are largely fed by the borough’s own primary schools which is what you’re interested in.

But it’s a shame that Barnet Council cannot even produce a simple poster (about schools) without making a grammatical error themselves. Just look at the poster again. The error isn’t about registration dateline. It’s about the use of the apostrophe (‘) in the word school’s. The apostrophe shouldn’t be there, that’s all.

Come on Barnet, pull your socks up!

peteneras Sat 05-Nov-11 22:18:35

As regards Martin Primary School, I pass by this school daily and often stop at the pedestrian crossing which is right in front of the school for their kids to cross the road.

Martin School used to be everyone’s 2nd or 3rd choice school in the late 1990’s. I remember registering my kids there too but only as an insurance because we were hoping for the many good Catholic schools in the area including Muswell Hill. In the event we didn’t need Martin’s but I do know of many parents who sent their kids there. They seemed to be very happy.

But I have noticed Martin’s seemed to have improved tremendously in the last decade or so. The last time I checked which wasn’t all that long ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see it even outperformed my kids’ old Catholic school. Bravo!

Now, I put it down to two possible explanations for this phenomenon:

(A) Either my kids’ old Catholic school was going downhill which was unlikely because the Head is still the same and the school is maintaining its league table position e.g. percentage achieving L4 Maths and English in the high 80’s etc.

OR (more likely)

(B) Martin School has morphed into a high achieving, well respected and highly sought after school with trendy parents.

Unfortunately, the school, together with half of Barnet’s primary schools has opted to boycott the (ridiculous) league tables lately and therefore there’s no latest statistics about this school. I’m certain this is a very good state primary school.

Another great Barnet primary school that I can think of is the Brookland Junior School (13th position) where I know parents who swear by it. If proximity to the school is the criterion used for admission to this school, then you’d better be a millionaire to live close by because this school is in Hampstead Garden Suburb.

soonbesailing Sun 06-Nov-11 00:32:23

Hi Maria, I am also a Muswell Hill parent so can't say I know Martins from the inside, but it is certainly well thought of. Several of children have ended up at the same secondary as mine and they speak highly of the school. Be aware that at the moment East Finchley is becoming a bit of a black hole for secondary, especially if you have a girl. There is a group trying to get Barnet to look at the situation and improve it. Hopefully it will be well and truly sorted out by the time you need a secondary place (if you stay in the area that long). I'm sure someone from Martins school will offer advice on here soon.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sun 06-Nov-11 08:24:27

Thanks Peteneras & Soonbesailing. Very useful to know all that, it actually sounds quite promising. We currently live near Temple Fortune & I know quite a lot about the schools there, so it's mostly the uncertainty- the fact that I haven't visited Martin school or other schools in East Finchley, and don't have a realistic idea. And that all this has to be decided within a month or so! Yikes...

So, if anyone else has thoughts about Martin, let me know please!

kri Fri 30-Dec-11 20:03:29

Hi Maria, Just wondered if you found out any more information about Martin school? From their website I noticed they just had a ofsted visit in December. I am in same predicament as you , moving to the area and have no clue about the schools. Would be interested to hear if you have anything useful to pass on ?

Choclatespread Sat 31-Dec-11 01:04:12

Sorry Maria, have no advice. LOL @
Peteneras, that was so funny.

LNMatt Tue 03-Jan-12 20:57:23

We went on a visit to look around Martins last month and were very impressed; all the teachers appeared properly engaged and the headmistress was very impressive. I believe the ofsted report is due out in the next few days but apparently it went very well - we are very keen to get into the school.

peteneras Sun 12-Feb-12 22:20:21

For all those interested in Martin School in East Finchley, the Ofsted Report (Feb 2012) on this school is now out. It's fantastic!

JS99 Sun 09-Sep-12 14:29:38

Probably too late for you now but I have 2 kids at Martin primary And a 3rd starting tomorrow. We are delighted with it. My children have different abilities - the school has been excellent for both of them. It got a well deserved outstanding Ofsted report. permission has also now been given for a new mixed community secondary school - the archer academy - so hopefully there will also be good secondary provision for all in the area too. NB. The Martin catchment area is ever decreasing - just like all the other excellent schools

JonnyDory Mon 29-Jun-15 22:28:15

@LovesHerSleep just wondering if your children are at Martin now? We are in the catchment of Martin and would be interested to hear from anyone with children there now. JS99's comments have been reassuring. In particular I don't understand why if the school is excellent the exam results only seem to be average.

electionfatigue Tue 30-Jun-15 10:00:19

I have a friend who wanted Eden and reluctantly send her child to Martin - she is very happy with it and says she is so happy that she didn't get her first choice!

JonnyDory Tue 30-Jun-15 22:15:30

Thanks electionfatigue I am hearing good things about the school from people who have direct experience of it. Yesterday I looked and the results seem to have fallen even further down to way below average according to Does anyone know why an excellent and highly regarded school should have a lowish SATs average?

upthegardenpath Fri 08-Jan-16 10:49:24

Following this thread with interest, as we too are hoping to move to EF i the next year or so.
I've read on several sites that Martin primary is very highly regarded in the local community and that the children are very happy there. A large chunk also seem to go to the newish Archer Academy secondary, which is a plus, as we are hoping to get our DD there as well.
Any new thoughts or experiences of Martin Primary are much appreciated.
We are going on a tour there next week and I'll feed back any extra info I get, then.
I'm guessing the waiting list will be longish - like in so many outstanding and good inner London primaries, so we may never even get a look in and may have to continue driving our DD to her current Camden school, until Y6 <sighs>
Barnet council apparently manage the admissions for every year group, as well as the waiting list.
Thanks all flowers

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