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northernangel Tue 25-Oct-11 13:42:53

Hi there,

I am new to Mumsnet and was not sure where to post this, so hopefully I'm in the right place!

I am thinking about setting up a creative learning centre for children/ young people in the area where I live, and I was hoping people would be able to tell me whether it was something you think people would potentially be interested in for their children?

I was hoping to rent a commercial space and run classes in creative writing, drama and languages. The sessions would be roughly divided into age/ ability groups, and depending on demand I would consider running additional classes with an emphasis on handwriting etc. I was also thinking that I could have a 'homework club' where children could come to do their homework, with staff to assist them where required.

I have previously worked for as a manager of a learning centre for children, therefore I have a fair bit of experience, however, the centre I worked for previously was part of a large national chain, and there was less emphasis on creativity than I would have liked.

I was thinking of charging around 10 pounds per child per session, or perhaps a monthly or 2 weekly fee, with the aim of most children coming between once and twice a week. My aim would be to keep the classes small, and to open for several hours after school and on a Saturday, as well as opening on a weekday daytime a couple of times a week for pre-school classes.

As some parents my wish to drop their children off and do shopping or other errands whilst their children are at the centre, it would not be compulsory for parents to stay, however, I was hoping to have some space for parents who did wish to stay around to sit and have a coffee and maybe even a cake!

What do people think? If a similar service appeared in your area would it appeal to you and your family? Any suggestions for improvements/ other ideas?

I helped set up the last learning centre I worked at from scratch, so I am fairly up to speed with marketing strategies to get people in the door, but really, I just want it to be a brilliant service that people want to use, and enjoy.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks smile

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