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Fretting about primary school entry assessment for DD

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designerbaby Mon 24-Oct-11 17:46:45

We've applied for a place at a local
Independent primary school for DD - thus wasn't our plan, but 6 months after we moved into our house they changed the catchment area for the really great state primary up the road and our house is no longer in it . our next closest one is both inconvenient and pretty dire in a variety of respects so we're trying to avoid it...

We moved into the area far to late to make it onto any waiting lists for other local independents, and through a misunderstanding in my part missed the 'ballot' for the only other independent in the area.

So here we are. This independent is fantastic, and I went to a sister school for secondary... It would be wonderful if she got in. Clearly other parents feel similarly and the school us massively oversubscribed and they asses the prospective pupils now for entry next September and select on aptitude.

I've no idea what to expect or if there's anything we can do to help her with this and I was hoping someone here may have sone advice...

They say they're not expecting them to be reading or writing but just to have an awareness of letters and numbers and a variety of other vague statements. We feel DD is bright, but very aware we're probably far from impartial ...

Since all our eggs are somewhat in one basket, well I'm freaking out a bit TBH...

Anyone been through similar?

Thanks, in hope,


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