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would we be being unreasonable...

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SarfEasticated Sat 22-Oct-11 18:22:30

if we stayed in our current flat until Jan, got our dd into the nice school over the road, and then moved to a bigger cheaper house out of the catchment area? The new house is in the middle of school dead-zone, with no schools close by at all, so we would struggle to get into any of the 3 nearest ones.
We have lived in this tiny flat for 10 years, DD is now 4, so we aren't fly by nights, we would still be able to walk DD to school as it is near to the station we use to get to work, so no negative environmental impact.
What do you think mumsnet jury..

CustardCake Sun 23-Oct-11 10:01:25

I think its perfectly sensible to delay a house purchase until school places are settled.

People get cross when parents move out of their big house situated in the dead-zone, rent a flat opposite the school and then promptly move back to their big house after allocation day. That may be allowed but morally it is cheating to get a place you aren't really eligible for. But what you are doing is totally different. In fact it would be a bit foolish to move now, having lived there for 10 years, when for the sake of a few more weeks you can sort out schools.

The only proviso is, do you already own the new house? Have you exchanged or completed contracts so just staying put at the flat for the sake of schools? If so you might have no choice but to use the new house as your current address. If you already own the new house, this could change things. Also you would need to check about moving after January but before September. Normally the LA use the address on the application form (as long as it is correct and your "real" address) to allocate a school but some LAs insist you inform them of any change of address after your application is submitted. Do check what happens if you apply from the flat but move to the house before September.

TeddyBare Sun 23-Oct-11 11:03:31

I think that sounds sensible. If you've lived there for 10 years then you're hardly cheating the system to stay put for a few more months. Do you have any younger dc? The siblings rule for getting a place often only applies if you live in catchment, so there is a danger of you having 2 dc at 2 different schools.

sue52 Sun 23-Oct-11 14:07:50

No, you would be acting in the best interests of your child and that is the correct thing to do. Do be careful about the siblings rule.i

SarfEasticated Sun 23-Oct-11 15:50:02

Thanks everyonesmile We only have one DD, which is why I'm really keen for her to go to the school where some of her nursery friends will go, and one she is familiar with too.
No we don't own the house but we are desperate to move. We had got a buyer for our flat, found another house somewhere further out, and found a nice school too, but that purchase took 6 months and eventually fell through, so i think we need to stay put for now. <climbs walls>.

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